Aspect | Keybinds, Mouse, Video Pro Fortnite Settings

Let’s jump into everyone’s favorite Twitch streamers Fortnite settings for keybinds, video, and mouse; Aspect!

Updated on Aug 27, 2023
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Aspect | Keybinds, Mouse, Video Pro Fortnite Settings

We're big believers in learning from the best. Which is why we've been dissecting top level players like7ssk7 andAqua. Our next Pro Player Dissection is Aspect.


Nicholas McGuire is an American professional Fortnite player better known by his gamer tag, Aspect. Aspect is a member of the top level pro team, Sentinels.

Aspect Fortnite Mouse Settings

The first Fortnite settings to look into is mouse Fortnite settings. Along with the mouse settings, the equipment is important. Aspect uses the Logitech G403 Wireless Gaming Mouse.

Here are Aspect's Mouse Fortnite settings:

Aspect Fortnite Mouse Settings
Mouse Sensitivity X 3.3%
Mouse Sensitivity Y 3.3%
Mouse Targeting Sensitivity 100%
Mouse Scope Sensitivity 100%
Mouse DPI 1600
Polling Rate 1000 Hz

A great way to up your mouse game is by grinding out some Aim Maps and checking out some Shotgun Aim Tips.

Aspect Fortnite Keybinds Settings

The keybinds are an important part of every pro players Fortnite settings menu. Every pro player has their own opinion on the Best Keybinds, so it's always a fun category to dive into!

Aspect Movement Keybinds

The movement keys are generally tied completely to the keyboard. Therefore, now is a good time to mention Aspect uses the Ducky One TKL Gaming Keyboard.

Here are Aspect's movement keys:

Aspect Fortnite Movement Keybinds
Move Forward W or Up
Move Left A or Left
Move Backward S or Down
Move Right D or Right
Jump Space Bar
Sprint Left Shift
Auto Run G or Num Lock
Crouch Left CTRL

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Aspect Fortnite Combat Keybinds

Combat is a complex part of the game that moves beyond just picking the Best Weapons. More than picking the best weapons, picking the best keybinds is even more important.

Here are Aspect's combat keybinds:

Aspect Fortnite Combat Keybinds
Fire Left Mouse Button
Target Right Mouse Button
Reload R
Use Mouse Wheel Down
Harvesting Tool T
Weapon Slot 1 3
Weapon Slot 2 4
Weapon Slot 3 5
Weapon Slot 4 Z
Weapon Slot 5 X

The best way to up your combat skills is through practice. The new no build mode is a great way to practice combat without any building or editing.

However, the Best Practice Courses are the most effective way to improve your combat.

Aspect Fortnite Building Keybinds

Building is the hardest part of the game for new players! Thankfully, Aspect has some beginner friendly keybinds for building.

Here are Aspect's Fortnite settings for building:

Aspect Fortnite Building Keybinds
Crouch While Building Left CTRL
Wall Q
Floor V
Stairs E
Roof Mouse Button 5
Trap 6
Place Building Left Mouse Button
Building Edit F
Crouch while Editing Left CTRL

Of course, Fortnite settings are only a piece of the puzzle. Knowledge like knowing the Best Structures and Best Building Materials is also important. And we can't leave out the importance of 1v1 Build Battles.

You should know that the best Fortnite keybinds come down to personal preference, so don't feel obligated to change your already perfect settings.

Aspect Fortnite Video Settings

The video Fortnite settings are all about getting the Best FPS possible. Therefore, if you're finding some choppy gameplay, now is the time to take a note from Aspect.

Here are Aspect's Fortnite video settings:

Aspect Fortnite Video Settings
Window Mode Fullscreen
Resolution 1920 x 1080 (16:9)
Frame Rate Limit 240 FPS
Brightness 50%
User Interface Contrast 1x
Color Blind Mode Protanope
Color Blind Strength 8
3D Resolution 100%
View Distance Epic
Shadows Off
Anti-Aliasing Off
Textures Low
Effects Low
Post Processing Low
Vsync Off
Motion Blur Off
Show FPS On
Multithreaded Rendering Performance
HUD Scale 95%

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