Champions Explained | Champion MMR | RB6 Ranks Rainbow Six: Siege

Find out everything you need to know about the Champions ranking in RB6: Siege.
Champions Explained | Champion MMR | RB6 Ranks Rainbow Six: Siege

Champions rank is the best rank in the Rainbow Six Siege ranked system. This rank contains the best players in the game. However, there is also a bit of a meme in Rainbow Six Siege that Champions rank players perform DDoS attacks to win all their games.

Champion RB6 Rank

What MMR is Champions?

Players here must have at least 5000 MMR, but there is no MMR cap here because there is no higher rank for players to advance to. Dropping below the 5000 MMR minimum will lower you back into Diamond rank instead. As long as you have over 5000 MMR, you'll be in the Champions rank.

RB6 Rank Placements

Unlike other ranks, Champions also displays the top 9999 players in the game. It lists an individual number next to the ranks of some players and this number designates their position in the game. Such as 1422 or 120 which mean those players are considered the1422nd and 120th the best players overall. Not all Champions rank players will have this since you need to be in the top 9999 players for MMR.

Is the Champions Rank Good?

Anyone trying to call Champions a bad rank is either jealous or had some bad experiences with hackers, cheating and those using DDoS attacks. Rainbow Six Siege Champions are the best of the best.

RB6 Ranks Champions

These players are in the top 0.9% of all players which means there is only a very small number of players who could ever beat them. In short, those in the Champions rank are better than almost 100% of the player base.

How to Stay in Champions

Reaching the Champions rank is an incredible achievement in Rainbow Six Siege and a testament to that player's skill. Staying in this rank is difficult and climbing the ladder forwards is also, incredibly difficult. While we have some advice for this rank, but you also need to keep in mind that playing in a group is a necessity here.

  • Practice with a goal in mind. General practice is important but you need to set yourself goals as well. This means setting goals such as to improve your aim or to become more skilled at certain classes. Practising with a reason in mind puts you in a better mindset than practising for no reason plus it gives you a target to work towards. This makes practising in Terrorist Hunt and casual more interesting while also being a clear indicator of how your own individual skill is improving.
  • Every movement has different audio. Like with the Diamond rank, you need to dedicate time to learn the audio. All player movements have different audio that can give them away. This includes crouching, leaning and going prone as well. Learn what each of them sounds like and listen closely at all times while playing the game. It could save your life or win you the game. Also, remember to pay attention to how close those noises are and the direction they come from.
  • Don't change your settings a lot. You should change your settings slightly to find what works best for you but changing them a lot is a bad idea. Muscle memory is very important and changing the settings is very disruptive. It puts you back to the beginning and forces you to re-learn all of the movements when they were already innate for you. Making changes to your gaming set-up can also give you this problem since you need to re-learn different aspects such as re-learning to aim with a new mouse or how to position the mouse and keyboard on a new desk. It sounds strange but don't expect to play at your best if you've had to make some kind of gaming set-up modification! It takes time for that to come back.

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