Top 10 games like Apex Legends that You should try

Find out which games give similar vibes like Apex Legends!
Top 10 games like Apex Legends that You should try

Apex Legends, a free-to-play battle royale game, has secured its title as one of the most popular battle royale games even after three years since it's been produced.

However, if you are to step out from Apex Legends and look for the same game titles, here we've wrapped up the most suitable 10 games like Apex Legends to fill the void.


This legit game that turned the battle royale mode into wholesome entertainment globally almost matches every aspect of Apex Legends being another classic alternative. 

The formats of both games are the same where teams drop into a map, scavenge for more weapons, the storm closes in, and the last team left standing after the battle, wins the game.

Fortnite is free and constantly creates new content while offering various game modes for every type of game player. You can easily choose one of the game modes out of Battle Royale, Zero Build, Creative and Save the World, to experience a whole new level of shooting games.

Save the World is only available on PlayStation, Xbox and PC while other modes are available on all platforms.

Surprisingly, Fortnite owns a more extensive viewership as its competitive gameplay retains a giant community of all time, unlike other games in the battle royale genre.

Call of Duty: Warzone

Call of Duty: Warzone is another free-to-play battle royale game being one of the biggest competitors of Apex Legends of all time. The game is a part of the best-selling Call of Duty franchise and was introduced during season 2 of Modern Warfare.

The two launch modes, Battle Royale and Plunder, give more ways to experience Warzone. 3 players group up together, loot, and explore to combat with 49 full trios across a massive arena, Verdansk, in Battle royal mode.

In contrast, players in Plunder mode are required to collect cash as much as they can while the game progresses and battle for survival to be the last team standing to win the game.

However, unlike other battle royale games like Apex Legends, there's no way to resurrect to fight back if any player in your team goes down.

Ring of Elysium

If you are looking for Apex Legends alternatives that are more into realistic gunplays, Ring of Elysium is absolutely worth trying, which is another free-to-play, multiplayer battle royale game.

Unlike most battle royale games, the unique helicopter escape requires you to strategically survive through the invasion of a deadly nuclear storm into a rescue flight that can save up to four people.

Highly detailed visual effects of natural disasters put the player into a truly immersive gaming mode where the survival is more adventurous with a battle of 59 competitors.

The game focuses on a story that continues each season in which 3 new characters are introduced along with their backstories to the events taking place. Players can utilize tactical abilities and traversal equipment to eliminate the enemies while struggling to reach the flight convincing the natural disaster.


Another addition to the first person shooters category that enables the players to select a large roster of playable roles, known as heroes who possess unique abilities, and each falls into 3 different categories, Tank, Damage, and Support.

While Respawn Entertainment puts the players into a 60-person match grouped in 20 squads that each consists of 3 different characters in its hero shooter game, Apex Legends, Overwatch lets you and your friends to group in two teams that battle in an intense 6v6 combat.

However, unlike Apex Legends, you can change your hero during the course of a match to adapt to the situation by different compositions of the team.

The game features several game modes to ensure a fast-paced gameplay experience when engaging enemies.

PUBG: Battlegrounds

PUBG (also known as PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds) owns a massive player base on Steam while being one of the giants of battle royale games. 

Introducing new types of gameplay and being able to captivate millions of players of any skill level made this game define the battle royale game genre again in gaming history.

PUBG Mobile is also on the top of the list of battle royale games on mobile in the intense competition with Apex Legends, Call of Duty Mobile, and Fortnite.

The game plays are available in both first person perspective and third person perspectives to explore strategic locations, scavenge for various weapons and supplies and survive to be the last person or team alive!

With the new feature in the genre, freefall from an airplane, 100 players who choose to enter the match to play solo, duo, and a small team of four members fight in a tightened random location that shrinks overtime.


If you are more into fantasy action games like Apex Legends, Spellbreak would be right up your alley. It's a free-to-play, battle royale game that lets you craft a powerful battlemage while mastering different elements of magic to dominate other players in the game.

Replacing futuristic weapons in other battle royales, you have to use gauntlets that fire magic spells by choosing one of six elemental classes, wind, ice, fire, lightning, toxic, and stone in the combat.

When the game starts, a player with a permanent class gauntlet attached can deal a primary attack, called a spell, and can choose one of the other five as a secondary gauntlet which deals a secondary attack, called sorcery.

More powerful spells can be made by combining elements of different gauntlets.

Realm Royale

This title ticks all the right boxes to be another classic alternative for a hero shooter battle royale game like Apex Legends. 

Realm Royale is a free-to-play, third person shooter game that lets you choose one of the five classes that possess a set of perks, movement skills, and lootable abilities.

You can work in squad mode or solo to loot weapons and abilities after a freefall from an airship and fight with 99 opponents or 24 teams to be the last remaining person or team in a shrinking playable zone, just like other games in the genre.

Fixed locations on the map, called Forges, should be used to craft tools like powerful Runes and epic Gear or to revive your fallen teammates.

Minecraft: Hunger Games

Minecraft Hunger Games is a custom-made, mini game version of Minecraft. Following the same ideology of battle royale game mode and being a 3D sandbox game, it lets you to explore a world composed of 3D objects like cubes, fluids, and blocks representing various materials.

With the goal of being the last person alive, each player starts from the center of the map with an empty inventory, no food, and no weapons or armor to defend themselves from the opponents.

You have to craft various tiers of loot like armors, weapons, and tools from natural resources such as wood, stone, iron, etc., that are grabbed from the environment. Use them and survive yourself from other players and mobs in the game world!

However, if you love to put your hands on a gameplay experience where the graphics are procedurally generated in the same genre, the Hunger Games server would be the right pick for you.

Titanfall 2

If you enjoyed Apex Legends, Titanfall 2 is worth a try as another mainline game, the same as Apex Legends in the Titanfall series.

Its high mobility, fast paced movement system, and action-oriented gameplays require the players to be more skillful and accurate in their moves for the ultimate survival at the end of the game.

Unlike its predecessor, Titanfall, single player campaign and offline features are available in this game, same as other battle royale shooting games. Killing enemy soldiers or titans, scoring headshots, or unique methods of killing can earn points.

You can control both Titans and pilots who have a large arsenal of gadgets and weapons to fight with enemies, while Titans have stronger firearms and superior protection against the enemies. 

Combining these forces together with deadlier weapons can create an unstoppable killing force to destroy enemies to be the last man or team alive.

Fear the Wolves

Another competitor to the battle royale FPS games is Fear the Wolves, where you feel a deep sense of reward for being the last person standing.

Adding an intense new twist to the genre, you need to outrun dynamically changing weather in an oppressive environment while striking horrific anomalies and mutants other than fighting with opponents.

The game has two modes, solo, and duo, where 100 of players in total land in a random location of a radiation-ravaged Chernobyl to fight against each other for the ultimate survival by looting for weapons and attachments.

Finally, you have to make it to the extraction helicopter to win the game to be the last man or team alive.