The Ultimate Guide To Getting World Of Tanks Gold For Free (Legit Ways)

Discover all the legitimate Methods of getting World Of Tanks gold for Free!
The Ultimate Guide To Getting World Of Tanks Gold For Free (Legit Ways)

Despite the fact that many World Of Tanks players won't admit it, this game is indeed pay-to-win. In other words, those who spend money on this massively multiplayer online game will get the advantage, especially when buying premium ammo which has an advantage compared to a regular one. 

And yes, many premium benefits can be obtained without spending money, but they simply take so much grinding that it's much more uncomplicated to just foot the bill. So if you'd like to abstain from this and still get the gold, we'll show you how you can do it for free!

What Is Gold Used For In World Of Tanks?

Being the main currency in World Of Tanks, gold is used for getting the various benefits and items in this game. Some of them include:

  • Premium account and vehicles
  • Converting to game credits and experience
  • Crew training
  • Vehicle slots
  • Premium consumables
  • Demount equipment
  • Creating a clan
World Of Tanks gold prices may vary from one region to another.

Currently, the gold prices on the EU server are:

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How To Get World Of Tanks Gold For Free?

Unlike some other game companies that are very uncompromising when it comes to premium in-game currencies, Wargaming actually allows getting the gold for free. But as we previously mentioned, this is a very time-consuming and sometimes challenging process that will also require lots of skill.
In addition, you can also get free World Of Tanks Blitz gold using the same methods. 

If you'd like to find out more uninvolved methods of getting free WOT gold so you can upgrade to a premium account, get free premium tanks, premium ammo, or anything else you'd fancy, just stick around and keep reading. 

Method #1: Freecash

Did you know that you can get free gold in World Of Tanks without actually playing the game? Freecash can allow you to accomplish that and get this in game currency by completing online tasks on a web browser or an app! 

What's more, Freecash is a 100% safe and genuine way to do this, and you won't have to worry about your account getting banned or anything.

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Freecash is an entirely safe and legal offer wall and get-paid-to site that offers various payout options and a really attractive coin exchange rate compared to its competitors.

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If this sounds compelling enough, check out these steps and upgrade your WOT account to a premium account!

Sign Up on Freecash

Before everything, you'll need an account first, so sign up on Freecash on their website or a smartphone app. If you'd like, you can also sign up using your Steam or Google account.

An easy and quick process, just the way it should be.

After registering and verifying your email address, feel free to use our bonus code and enter the chance to receive up to $250! Converted to World Of Tanks gold, that's 75000, which is quite a lot!

Once you open the website or an app, you'll receive the popup, where you can enter "TGG" and try your luck.

This is a popup field in which you can enter the bonus code.

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Rack Up Freecash Coins

With a new account, your next goal is to rack up some Freecash Coins - a virtual currency awarded for completing the online tasks. This currency can be exchanged for various rewards that you can use to get free gold in World Of Tanks, which you can afterward use to upgrade to a premium account.

To proceed, select the “Earn” page.

Some of the offers listed on Freecash.

Notice the screenshot above; you'll see the "Offer Walls" section with some offers underneath, and each of these offers will contain numerous online tasks that you can choose to complete.

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Exchange Freecash Coins

Once you collect enough Freecash Coins, move on to the "Cashout" page, and you'll find over 20 available rewards.

These are all available rewards on Freecash.

Essentially, you can get any reward that can get you World Of Tanks gold (and premium account) because various payment methods are supported on Wargame, not to mention the third-party sellers that also accept cryptocurrencies. To give an example, we selected Visa.

Visa has 8 available denominations, while most of the other options have only four.

Regardless of which payment method you opt for, you'll be able to select between several denominations based on how many Freecash Coins you've collected so far.

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Get World Of Tanks Gold For Free

Finally, select one of the available denominations and click on the "Withdraw."

You can also set the custom amount of gold.

You will then receive a Visa gift card code which you can redeem and top up your account, then use it to buy World Of Tanks gold on Wargaming Premium Shop!

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Method #2: Idle Empire

Like our previous method, Idle Empire is another get-paid-to service that allows you to get free gold in World Of Tanks, although with fewer reward options.

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Idle Empire is one of the hottest offer wall websites with multiple ways to earn some money in a gift card, cryptocurrencies, or PayPal funds

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Still, Idle Empire is also a legit and safe way to get free gold, a free premium tank, and virtually anything from the Wargame Premium Shop.

Another way to earn free World Of Tanks gold without playing the game.

So if you'd like to try out Idle Empire, here's how you can do it.

Sign Up On Idle Empire Account

Create a new account on Idle Empire to begin.

You can register in a breeze.

If you don't wish to register using your email address, you can do it with your Facebook, Twitter, Google, Steam, Discord, or even PayPal account.

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Start Collecting The Idle Empire Coins

Then, proceed to the "Earn" page on their website, where you'll have a choice between six categories of tasks.

There are various types of tasks here.

Completing these tasks will award you with Idle Empire Coins, and the more complex the task, the more coins you’ll get.

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Exchange Idle Empire Coins

You'll need to collect a specific amount of Idle Empire Coins and exchange them for rewards. So, for instance, if you'd like to exchange them for Steam Gift Card, you'll need exactly 47500 Idle Empire coins.

Steam gift card is just an example, so feel free to get any reward you want.

In case you have more, you can get as many Steam gift cards as you want using this method.

Get World Of Tanks Gold

Once you select the desired reward (in this case, it's a Steam gift card), simply select it, then choose the available denomination, and withdraw it.

Just paste the Steam gift card code here and click on

Once you receive the Steam gift card code, proceed to the redeem page on Steam and paste your code there to top up your Steam Wallet balance and get a World Of Tanks premium account, gold, or buy premium ammo.

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Additional Methods Of Getting World Of Tanks Gold For Free

Now, the more intricate but "official" ways of getting gold in World Of Tanks by actually playing the game are:

  • Missions/Events - Occasionally, Wargame will release a World Of Tanks update that features various missions or events (like in Brawhlalla) that will award players with all sorts of World Of Tanks goods, including the gold, for completing them.

So, for instance, an event called "Gold Rush" awarded players 5 gold per 10 victories in Tier IV - X tanks.

And while this is certainly not considered generous, you can't expect to get a free premium tank or premium ammo, but these events will give you just a tiny bit of gold and some other free World Of Tanks rewards.

  • Other Wargaming Games - If, by any chance, you got some gold in World Of Warplanes, you can transfer it to World Of Tanks. Unfortunately, this is only available on specific servers, but some players claim that they've contacted customer support, who was able to assist them with the gold transfer.

However, it's still unclear whether this is working 100% or not, but it's worth trying.

  • Tournaments - One of the best ways to get free gold by playing World Of Tanks is through tournaments, which, depending on the success, may grant between 2500 and 3000 gold per week in solo 1vs1 matches. The evident downside here is that you'll need to be quite a proficient World Of Tanks player because only the high-ranked players will get gold.
  • Clan Wars - Depending on the clan's effectiveness and success, the best 20 clans will receive free gold in World Of Tanks, which is automatically added to a Clan's treasury. Furthermore, for each day of holding the territory on the global map, clans will be awarded extra gold. From there, the clan's leadership chooses how to distribute and use the gold.

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