How to Level Up Fast | LoL

Discover how to level up fast LoL and start playing your ranked matches really fast. The best tips and tricks to level up fast in League of Legends!

how to level up fast xp
how to level up fast xp

If you are looking for how to level up fast lol then you have come to the right place, we have all been looking for the fastest way to level up in League of Legends and start playing ranked matches as soon as possible to demonstrate our skills to hundreds of players , but the truth is that leveling up can take time.

However, here we will give you the fastest way to level up fast LoL and other tricks that will help you gain more experience with your League of Legends account and improve your summoner level so fast that you will forget how tedious it is to level up to 30. These are the fastest ways to level up in League of Legends:

Play a lot of matches (wins give more EXP)

The most efficient, fast and standard method to leveling up in League of Legends is simply to play many games (it doesn't matter what game mode you choose, all are valid, although ARAM allows you to play shorter games in duration).

level up fast lol

Each game at the end will give you a different amount of EXP, depending on various leveling  rules such as the following:

  • Winning a game gives you more EXP than losses.
  • The longer the game, the more EXP they will bring you.
  • The minimum time a match must last to give EXP is 7 minutes.
  • Custom game do not award EXP.
  • Depending on these multiple factors, it's been known that a LoL match can reward you anywhere from 50 to 300 XP, with an average of around 200 XP. According to official data from Riot Games, on average, a 30-minute win gives around 204 XP and a 30-minute loss around 167 XP.

Obviously, winning all your matches will be the fastest way to accumulate EXP, although this is not always possible. However, try it whenever you can!

First win of the day gives bonus XP

Starting when you reach level 15 on your player account, you will unlock a quest that is available every 20 hours every day, which is all about getting the first win of the day.This means that if you win at least 1 or more pvp matches each day, you will be rewarded with an additional 400 XP (on top of 50 Blue Essence).

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If you are trying to increase your experience gains, it is highly recommended to log in to the game every day to accomplish at least this quest, as it will allow you to level up considerably faster.

If you’re looking to increase your level account in League of Legends, you will probably find it useful to discover how to increase FPS LoL easily, that way you will increase your level even faster by using the right video quality settings for you.

Take advantage of missions

In League of Legends there are also quests that are often available that any player can complete during their games. Many of these missions belong to temporary events that are being introduced by Riot Games, so there are almost always new ones to complete and the vast majority reward additional experience points upon completion.

level up fast lol
  • If you want to be aware of the missions currently available, from the game client in the sidebar on the right of your profile click on the bottom icon in the form of a leaf or parchment.
  • Doing so will bring up the quest menu.
  • You just have to take a look at which ones are available and try to fulfill them to earn more EXP.

This is the most useful and secure way to increase your level day by day, on the other hand, take a look at our guide of best tanks in League of Legends, to discover the most powerful champs you can use at the summoner’s rift to improve your win rate!

Play games against the AI ​​games on beginner

As we discussed above, playing bot game matches in LoL is the main way to earn League of Legends Account XP, and above all, getting wins will allow you to level up faster. If what you are looking for is by all possible means to maximize this experience that you earn in the shortest possible time, there is a little trick that you can put into practice and it is about taking advantage of the bots.

level up lol fast
  • Choose a game against the AI ​​and set its difficulty to Beginner.
  • Select a champion playing as Mid Lane or Bot Lane that has high attack speed and high damage (Jhin, Tristana, or Tryndamere are all good choices).
  • Dedicate yourself exclusively to destroying turrets and defeating Heralds to win the game quickly (don't focus on dragons or other objectives).
  • If you are already a level 9 summoner, you can equip the Teleport and Ignite spells, they are very useful to play this game even faster.
  • If you have friends who also want to gain experience fast, invite them to play these Coop vs AI games, it will make it faster.

With this method you make sure you win all your League of Legends games to get that extra experience you're looking for. Of course, playing against the AI ​​in the beginning might seem a bit boring, but we are talking about a purely farming method, so we had to mention it. In the first levels of your player account, up to 9, this method is very useful since the bots will grant 100% experience, although from level 30 they only grant 75% (and 55% every day after 180 minutes) .

level up fast lol

It pays a lot more to play many quick games instead of long game, but do not forget that the games have to last at least 7 minutes to count the League of Legends EXP rewards at the end.

Acquire EXP boosts with RP

Finally, we want to mention a very quick method to increase the EXP you earn in LoL, although you have to keep in mind that to do this you have to buy Riot Points and select your duration boosts time, so it is not a free method. If you don't mind investing real money, from the game client you can access the Store menu and then go into the "Accessories" and "Upgrades" section.

Here you will find two types of EXP boosts in League of Legends that you can acquire:

EXP boosts per day

This EXP boost lasts for days and is used to boost all the EXP you earn in a match, doubling it. 

level up fast lol

It is highly recommended if you are going to play for many days in a row, putting the rest of the tips in this guide into practice:

  • 30-Day EXP Boost – Costs 3490 RP.
  • 14-Day EXP Boost – Costs 1850 RP.
  • 7-Day EXP Boost – Costs 1020 RP.
  • 3-Day EXP Boost – Costs 520 RP.
  • 1-Day EXP Boost: Costs 290 RP.

XP Boosts for Wins

These League of Legends experience boosts are focused only on the victories you get (regardless of how many days there are between them and improving the amount of EXP achieved by around 210). 

level up fast lol

It is recommended in case you know for sure that you are going to win games to receive the win boost:

  • 40 Win EXP Boost – Costs 2440 RP.
  • 25 Win EXP Boost – Costs 1590 RP.
  • 15 Win EXP Boost – Costs 990 RP.
  • 10-win EXP boost: Costs 670 RP.
  • 5 Win EXP Boost – Costs 390 RP.
  • 3 Win EXP Boost – Costs 290 RP.

Making the most of experience boosts is an incredible option to level up quickly in League of Legends, and although it may not seem like it, many players use experience boosts to start playing ranked as soon as possible and raise their account to level 30 or a higher level as fast as possible.

Now you know the best ways to level up fast in League of Legends, choose your prefered one and start growing up in this awesome game! You may also take a look at our complete guide about the easiest roles in League of Legends if you’re a beginner and want to start slowly in the gaming world. Also, you can take a look at the most popular roles in LoL to dominate this wonderful game. See you at the summoner’s rift!