How to see all owned skins in League of Legends?

If you have quite some time playing League of Legends, you surely have a couple or two of skins, find out the exact number!
How to see all owned skins in League of Legends?

League of Legends skins is the foolproof way that Riot Games has to earn money, and they do put effort into those. They have created rare skins, such as the pax skins, versions that are unique like championship Riven. The vast majority of skins in League of Legends have some time of story behind, nowadays Riot Games creates unique universes where champions can be seen in the clothes of a special type that matches several others.

How to see all owned skins in League of legends?

If you purchase several skins in the shop, these will be stored in the inventory of your account, from a Legendary skin to a quite rare one in the game such as UFO Corki, any League of Legends fan can go into their inventory and check their skins following these steps.

  1. First, open the Riot Games client, and login into your League of Legends account.
  2. Click on "Collection".LoL_Client
  3. Here you can see a collection of all you own in League of Legends.
  4. Click on "Skins".
  5. Here you will see the skins obtained in your collection ordered by type.LoL_Skins_Owned

Depending on the type or date of a skin, you'll see different characteristics, and they display different features such as new particles, sound effects, etc.

How to purchase skins?

All obtained skins will appear in the client of any League of Legends fan, but what if you want to purchase them, then follow these steps to learn how.

  1. In the client of League of Legends click on "Shop".LoL_Client_Shop
  2. Then, click on "Skins", these are also known as cosmetics. Client_Aspects
  3. In this section of the Shop, you will find all skins available to be purchased and their prices to obtain them.
  4. Click on any skin you want and make sure you have enough RP in the game.Client_Buy_Skin
  5. Accept the transaction and finally, you would have purchased your first skin.

Each season and version brings to the game new themes of skins for a random set of champions in League of Legends. This part of the shop also allows you to filter all available skins in League of Legends that Riot Games has released. You can sort them in the shop of the game by their prices, release date, etc.

How are skins classified in the inventory?

With the passing of time and the release of hundreds of skins, Riot Games has classified them into different tiers that will appear in the inventory. The most relevant ones that are on display with a classification in the inventory are.


Of course, there are skins that aren't as great that have come out in previous versions and are classified as 'Others'. In this forgotten section we can find some unique skins such as Championship Riven or Rusty Blitzcrank, these are without a doubt some of the most uncommon in the game. But when it comes to the rarest ones, champions such as Twisted Fate, Sivir, and Jax take the recognition due to their PAX skins.

Skins are something you will see all the time anytime you play League of Legends, from a support to a top laner, the chances to see champions with skins and their unique features are quite high. And the more skins you get, the better you'll want to keep track of all your unique aspects.

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