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What is inting in League of Legends?

There are many reasons why a player intentionally feeds in a game of league of legends, learn all about the reasons and what penalty awaits them!
What is inting in League of Legends?

Inting or intentional feeding is a mortal crime in the league of legends community. It not only proves how toxic of a player you are but also ruins the mood of the players you are playing with. When you play league of legends, you are not simply playing for yourself, you are put in a team and each of you depends on one other. 

What is intentional feeding in League of Legends?

Everybody faces a "bad game" once in a while be it high earning pro players or a beginner. League of Legends is filled with many players and there will always be someone better than you. Sometimes you might just be playing bad but that does not mean you are intentionally feeding

Intentional feeding in simple words is when one player intentionally gives free kills to the enemy team by walking down the lane. The act "Feeds" the opponent with free kills, giving them free exp and Gold. 

What is Soft inting in League of Legends?

Many players can carry games on their own and sometimes this is called 1v9. But at times, the toxic player on your team tends to flame you even if you are the one carrying the game. There are also times when your ally is just playing badly and it irritates you. Some players tend to be frustrated by this and throw the game intentionally, this is called soft inting.

Soft inting also happens when you are the bad player having a score of 0/3 and the overall standing is quite winnable. Players die rarely and you just decide to give up simply because you feel bad that you are losing your lane. 

What causes a player to intentionally feed?

When players intentionally feed, most of the time it's because they are being flamed by their allies or they didn't get the role they want to play. It is understandable when somebody does intentionally feed, after all, we are all just human beings. 

  • Players intentionally feed if they are getting flamed by their team mates.
  • Sometimes players intentionally feed because they simply feel bad about their day and don't want to play seriously
  • If enemies beat them really hard during the laning phase, players would give up and feed the enemy instead to end the game faster.
  • Some players intentionally feed just for the fun of it and because League of legends is a free to play game. 
  • The player has a boosted account and is dying a lot because of the gap in mechanics and game knowledge. 

Bad games happen and when a person gets tilted, they will either focus and play better with their team or just intentionally feed. Frustrated teammates will then report that player after the game and it can sometimes lead to a permanent ban on that player. With League of Legends being a free-to-play game, banned players can simply make a new account and be a troll player instead because all their progress is now gone. 

What is the punishment for inting in League of Legends?

Riot games promised its community that it will take better action to combat inting in league of legends. It's also no secret that League of Legends is one of the most toxic game in the world and with it being a competitive game, you will expect a lot of gamers wanting a heavier penalty against inting. 



First Offense

14-day Ban

Second Offense

Permanent Ban

The first time you get reported for feeding in league of legends, you will get a 14-day ban and a warning for your transgressions. There are times that players think that this is too aggressive as some gamers get reported of inting even if they are just making stupid mistakes. When the entire team reports one player, it has a higher chance that he will receive the first offense ban. Opponents can also report a player from the other team. 

If the first offense don't sway the offender, a 2nd offense will result in a permanent ban and will take a whole lot of effort to take your account back, and that is if you have proof to back your claim. With the current state of league of legends, you should not int and play your games as best as you can to prevent being reported. 

If a player gets reported on different games, Riot games will take notice and review the games where that account has been reported. As a result, this can easily lead to a ban depending on the number of times you have been banned by Riot games. 

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