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The Best Counter for Mei in Overwatch 2

Mei is widely regarded as one of the most annoying characters in Overwatch 2. Despite that, there are a few heroes in-game who can make her life miserable.

Published on Dec 05, 2022
The Best Counter for Mei in Overwatch 2

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Mei is notorious for her annoying abilities and unmatched dueling potential. A good Mei can constantly deny plays with Ice Wall, stall time with her cryo freeze ability, and effectively team wipe with Blizzard. While she may seem oppressive, few heroes in Overwatch 2 can play outside her effective range to counter Mei. Here are the best counter heroes for Mei:

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If you're an immobile tank, Mei is your hard counter. Mei's wall will isolate you from your teammates' support and healing. For example, she can effectively counter Roadhog because he'll fall quickly without healing. Similarly, she can counter Sigma because he's too slow, and her beam weapon goes through Kinetic Grasp. While he's mobile, Mei can also counter Wrecking Ball because Ice Wall completely stops his momentum.

But, if you can match her aggression and force her cryo freeze ability early, she'll quickly crumble. A perfect counter is Zarya because her bubbles can keep her alive or her teammates if they're isolated with Mei. Additionally, her damage output is high, and Mei is a sitting duck in close range. You should still be cautious of Ice Wall separating you from your team.

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Orisa is an aggressive self-sufficient tank who wants to play up close, where her Fusion Cannon and abilities deals the most damage. Mei players may be tempted to lock down a relatively immobile tank with Ice Wall, but they're in for a nasty surprise when Orisa holds down the frontlines on her own. Fortify is a fantastic defensive ability where Orisa can brush off most attacks. 

Additionally, Javelin Spin destroys projectiles, which includes Mei's ultimate. Be careful when using Terra Surge when Ice Wall is available as it can completely negate your damage.

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Overwatch 2 Reinhardt swinging

Reinhardt is another good counter against Mei, as his relentless melee attacks will discourage her from using her primary fire. However, this is mostly a team effort since Ice Wall can counter Reinhardt if you're the only close range hero. It's important for supports to play counter picks like Kiriko and Lúcio, who can ignore Ice Wall and enable Reinhardt to counter Mei. At the end of the day, it's a skill-based match as Reinhardt and Mei can ruin each other's day.

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If there's one thing Junkrat excels at, it's bursting down stationary targets quickly. Junkrat's Frag Launcher deals 120 damage per shot, with bonus splash damage. Junkrat completely melts Ice Wall's pillars through his sheer raw power, which denies Mei's own denial ability. Mei also can't use her cyro freeze ability freely as Junkrat's Steel Trap can lock her down as soon as she leaves.

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Mei is a close range brawler who can switch into tank mode if her team needs it. She can't get any mileage out of her abilities if your team plays long range heroes in Overwatch 2.

A great counter Widowmaker can completely invalidate Mei. Widowmaker primary fire can instantly delete Mei—even if she misses, a fully-charged shot is nearly half of her health. Mei can Ice Wall your sniper position, but this is a sub-optimal use of ability as you can reposition with Hook and it also saves your tank from isolation.

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Sombra is another great counter, as hack renders Mei useless. She is one of the best Mei counters since she can constantly pester with hack. Sombra's damage output is nothing to scoff at, as she can reasonably beat Mei in a straight duel. However, if the duel isn't going in her favor, she can always teleport back to her Translocator. Mei might be one of the most annoying characters in Overwatch 2, but Sombra truly takes the crown.

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Overwatch 2 Pharah

A counter Pharah can also make Mei's life miserable. She can rain hell from above, dealing constant splash damage with her rockets. It's a good counter to Mei because she can only watch helplessly as none of her abilities can stop or deal damage against Pharah. Furthermore, Pharah's Concussive Blast also makes her one of the best counter picks, as its displacement can shove Mei away from her target.

While Echo can also fly outside Mei's effective range, she doesn't have the burst that Pharah has to force out Cryo Freeze. Mei can tank Sticky Bombs and Focusing Beam with her higher health pool or dip into her ice block if she's in trouble.

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When you have a deathball lineup, Reaper is one of the perfect Mei counters. Reaper's effective range and Mei's primary attack both rely on close range. However, this duel is heavily favored towards the Reaper, as his burst damage is faster at dealing damage than Mei's primary attack.

Additionally, Wraith Form is a great counter to Mei's abilities. Wraith Form is an ultimate counter, since he can effortlessly avoid it Blizzard's freezing field. Wraith Form also lets him escape after a bad duel or a dangerous Ice Wall.

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Mei always fights close range, yet she's still an immobile character in Overwatch 2. Supports who can peel and disrupt Mei's movement can save their teammates from her damage output.

Overwatch 2 Kiriko

Kiriko is one of the best Mei counters because she can ensure that she never gets a clean duel. One of the newest heroes in Overwatch 2, she can use Swift Step to teleport near her ally fighting Mei, instantly creating a number advantage. What really makes her a great counter is that Protection Suzu cleanses Mei's freeze, nullifying her ultimate when used correctly.

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A counter Lúcio is the first support that comes to mind. Speed boost is essential to move away from Mei's damage output. The additional movespeed can also counteract her slow and save his teammates during Blizzard. Soundwave's knockback is also a great counter to Mei as this makes it difficult for her to secure a kill.

Sound Barrier's massive bonus health can also save your teammates when the enemy team is following up on Blizzard. Just be very careful that Mei doesn't block your line of sight to your teammates, as this can negate Sound Barrier's life-saving extra health.

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