How To Show FPS in Overwatch 2 [All Platforms]

Whether you play on PC, PS5, Xbox or Switch, we have a quick and easy solution to show FPS on Overwatch!

Updated on Oct 31, 2023
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How To Show FPS in Overwatch 2 [All Platforms]

How to Show FPS and Latency Counter

Depending on the platform you play Overwatch 2, greatly depends on how many shortcuts you have to show FPS and latency counter. All in all, there are two ways of showing your FPS counter in Overwatch:

For example, desktop users have a much higher advantage than other platforms due to the amount of key binds they have. Be sure to take advantage of your platform's benefits to help you rank up fast!

How To Show FPS in Overwatch on PC

There are two ways of showing your FPS counter on PC:

FPS counter Windows

  • Select "Win + G" and identify the small box referring to your PC's CPU, GPU, and of course, FPS counter. Although this may not be the most efficient way of seeing your FPS, this is one of the most accurate.
  • Select "Esc" and navigate to the "Options" menu, where you will find "Video". Slide down to "Details" where you will find the settings for your counter. Select the modes you would like to be featured, but make sure the "Display Performance Stats" is always on

Settings Video Overwatch 2

How to Show FPS in Overwatch on PS5, Switch & Xbox

For other platforms besides PC, the most efficient way to show the FPS in game would be through the Main Menu. here is a more thorough walkthrough:

  1. Select Options on the Main Menu of Overwatch 2
  2. Select the Video tab, which is located closer to the left side.
  3. Scroll down to Details where find counter-game settings.
  4. From here, select Display Performance Stats, where you can then choose to preview FPS display.

There are other stats that are available to be turned on along with frame rate, such as vram usage and GPU temperature.

Be sure also to learn how to improve your FPS in Overwatch 2 to take full control of your matchmaking experience.

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