Valorant Error Code 55: How to Fix It

Fix Error Code 55 Valorant: Why you are getting the Error Code and how to Fix It
Valorant Error Code 55: How to Fix It

Every game comes with its fair share of errors and bugs, even popular releases like Genshin Impact. These are one hell of an annoyance to deal with, depending on the complexity of the error the game has encountered. Riot Games’ Valorant game is not different, showing its bugs and errors in error codes.

One of these error codes is the Valorant Error Code 55. If you have encountered Error Code 55, do not worry as here you will learn why you are getting it and how to fix Error Code 55 Valorant.

Valorant Error Code 55

The Reason behind Valorant Error Code 55

On the official support site banner of Riot Games it is stated that the reason behind the Valorant Error Code 55 is “ApplicationRepairManagerInitFailure”. The average Valorant player will not understand what is this and what does it even mean, but essentially the Valorant game contains repair systems within to automatically contain some bugs, errors, or emergent issues, and if this system does not function properly, the Valorant Error Code 55 will appear.

This can happen due to various reasons. One reason might be due to a bad start of the Riot Client. If the Riot Client does not fully initialize the repair system, it can cause for a connection error with the repair system, thus the appearance of Valorant Error Code 55.

Another reason for the appearance of Error Code 55 might not even be your fault. If the Valorant servers are experiencing issues or server maintenance, then the Valorant Error Code 55 might appear.

Though if the server cannot communicate properly with your Valorant game, then the Error Code 55 might just appear. This can be due to a bad or slow Internet connection.

Knowing why you are getting the Valorant Error Code 55 is key, as next up you will learn each solution that might just help you fix the Error Code 55.

How to Fix Valorant Error Code 55

Restart the Riot Client

One of the most popular solution for a lot of error codes in Valorant is to restart the Riot Client. Even Riot Games recommends you first do this to fix the Valorant Error Code 55.

To fully restart the Riot Client, you will have to open up the Task Manager by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Esc. Here you will select the Processes tab above and locate the Riot Client. Once you locate it, select it and click on End task to close off the Riot Client process. To increase the chances of fixing Valorant Error Code 55, you could also end other processes related to Valorant in the Task Manager. 

Restart Riot Client Valorant End Task

After you fully restart the Riot Client, you should be able to start playing the Valorant game freely.

But if restarting the Riot Client did not help you fix the Valorant Error Code 55, follow up on the next solution, because this error code might not even be your fault.

Check the Riot Servers

As we have seen above, the Valorant Error Code 55 can appear if there are issues with the Valorant servers. In this situation, you should do a quick check of the servers to see if there is server maintenance or issues that they might be experiencing.

To do this, you will have to go on the official Riot Games support site banner and select the Service Status option above. This should lead you to a new page, where you will have to select the region upon which your Riot ID is registered under. If you spot any server issues here, all you can do is wait until the Riot Games developers fix them.

Valorant Server Service Status

You can also check the Valorant Twitter account, as they sometimes announce server issues there.

If there are not any server issues with the Valorant game, then the Valorant Error Code 55 might appear due to Internet connection problems on your side.

Restart your PC and Router

Have you noticed lag when playing the Valorant game, or a slow Internet connection overall? If your answer is yes, then that might just be why you are getting the Valorant Error Code 55. If your router does not send out the proper network to your PC, or if your WiFi module in your PC does not register that Internet connection, that might cause the repair system in Valorant to not be loaded up properly. 

Restarting your router and PC can help, as it deletes some temporary files that might jam up the Internet connection. This solution can also help with any network issue or platform issue you might be experiencing in Valorant.

Restart Router

If your slow Internet connection continues to persist, you should contact your network provider.

Though if you did not have any slow Internet connection to begin with, or if this solution did not help you fix your Valorant Error Code 55, then your final chance is to

Reinstall Vanguard

In rare occasions the Valorant players who have experienced the Valorant Error Code 55 have reported that reinstalling Vanguard has helped them fix their issue. This can happen if the Vanguard does not recognise the repair system properly. This solution might not fix the Valorant Error Code 55 for everyone, though it is worth a try. Here is how you can reinstall Vanguard step by step:

  1. Make sure you have closed off the Riot Client and other Valorant game processes in the Task Manager (Ctrl+Shift+Esc). You could also go on the System Tray option on your Microsoft Windows Taskbar (the arrow pointing upwards below), if you notice the Riot Vanguard or the Riot Client here, right-click them and close them off
  2. Go to the Search Bar below, search for Command Prompt, right-click it and run it as an Administrator
  3. Type in the following commands one by one: “sc delete vgc”, hit Enter, “sc delete vgk”, hit Enter
  4. You must restart your PC
  5. After you restart your PC, click on the Search Bar below, find “This PC” and go to Program Files, which should be located in the C partition (“C:\Program Files\”)
  6. Locate the Riot Vanguard folder, right-click it and click on Delete to uninstall Riot Vanguard
  7. Open the Riot Client, this should automatically start reinstalling Vanguard
  8. When the reinstallation of Vanguard finishes, restart your PC and open the Valorant game again
Riot Vanguard Delete

If this did not help you out either, you should probably

Contact Riot Support

The Riot Support team is full of professionals and lovely people looking out to help everyone experiencing issues with the Valorant Game. If your Valorant Error Code 55 still persists, you can submit a ticket here.

The party system, session service, bad service start, or even problems with the login queue, error codes can appear for a lot of reasons in Valorant. If you have experienced problems with the Valorant Error Code 56, you can check it out here. Though if you want to check out solutions for other error codes too, you can visit the Valorant Error Code Hub.

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