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Escape Fortnite's Console-Only Voice Chat Using This Method

We know the frustration Fortnite players encounter when they receive a console only voice chat error, but you easily fix it. Here's how!

Updated on Dec 23, 2022
Escape Fortnite's Console-Only Voice Chat Using This Method

When you’re playing Fortnite with friends, voice chat is an essential part of the gaming experience. Therefore, when you experience voice chat interruptions, like being stuck in console only voice chat, it can take a serious toll on your ability to Win Fortnite Games. Thankfully, you don’t have to live with these audio issues forever! Stick around to learn how to get out of console only voice chat in Fortnite.

How To Fix Being Stuck in Console Only Voice Chat Fortnite

We understand how frustrating playing Fortnite can be when you don’t have access to chat with your teammates; it makes you want to sit out right away. If you’re receiving a console audio channel message stating someone in your party is using the console only voice chat channel, we have the fix for you!

Here is how to get out of console only voice chat in Fortnite:

  1. Open your Fortnite Settings Menu.
  2. Select the Audio Settings tab indicated by a speaker icon.
  3. In the audio settings tab find the Voice Chat line and toggle the voice chat line setting to Off.

Once your voice chat option is set to off you will no longer be able to use Fortnite voice chat channels which will fix your problems because you’ll now be able to communicate through your console party chat.

Party Voice Channel Fortnite

After you’ve updated your voice chat preference and disabled Fortnite voice chat you may want to optimize some other console settings like making sure you have the Best Controller Aim Settings.

What is Console Only Voice Chat?

Console only voice chat in Fortnite is the voice chat error message you will get in Fortnite when one or more of the members in your party is in a separate Fortnite voice chat channel than you.

This error message will occur most commonly when you are in a party chat, typically an Xbox Live Party Chat and you join a lobby with a random teammate player who is in Fortnite voice chat. In this case, usually you can ignore the message.

Another common time to get the console only voice chat Fortnite error code is when someone in your party is connected to voice chat in Fortnite, and it is interfering with them being able to communicate with you in the Xbox Live Voice Chat in Fortnite. In this case you can simply disable voice chat to fix voice chat issues.

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How To Enable Voice Chat in Fortnite

If you’ve found yourself unable to communicate with your buddies or random players alike in voice chat, no worries! We have a fix that will get you back into console only voice chat.

Here is how to get back to console only voice chat in Fortnite:

  1. Open your Fortnite Settings Menu.
  2. Navigate to the Audio Settings Tab indicated by a microphone icon.
  3. Find the Voice Chat Option in the options menu and toggle it to On.

After you’ve followed the above steps your console only voice chat will be enabled, and you will be able to hear your friends in voice chat Fortnite games.

Game Voice Chanel Fortnite

Now that you and your gaming buddies are back to playing the game with perfect comms, maybe you all want to celebrate with Matching Peely Skins. Or, if cosmetics aren’t your thing you might prefer to hop into one of the Best Escape Rooms or Best Creative Codes in Fortnite.

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