Letshe’s | Keybinds, Mouse, Video Pro Fornite Settings

One of the best console players in Fortnite, Letshe is truly a force to be reckoned with. To improve your own gameplay, here are Letshe’s Fortnite settings!

Letshe’s | Keybinds, Mouse, Video Pro Fornite Settings
Letshe’s | Keybinds, Mouse, Video Pro Fornite Settings

One of the best, Letshe is a professional fortnite player hailing from Europe, Germany. Beginning his Fortnite career with the Esports organisation Team Atlantis, he eventually moved to the infamous G2 Esports team in 2020 after leaving Team Atlantis.

A truly great German Fortnite player, Letshe plays with a controller, rather than the more typical professional gaming PC setup. To find out the Letshe Fortnite controller binds and game settings, read on and learn how the best do it!

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Letshe Fortnite Settings For Sensitivity

X-Axis Sensitivity 7.5%
Y-Axis Sensitivity 7.5%
Targeting Sensitivity 50.4%
Scope Sensitivity 49.6%
Aim Assist Strength 100%

The most crucial game settings for locking on to enemies and eliminating the competition, Letshe’s aim settings rely on control of movement, having low sensitivity for more precise aim.

Of course, aim assist strength is set to full, because why wouldn’t you! For more sensitivity settings for PC, check our article here.

Letshe's Fortnite Controller Settings

From build mode sens, to combat and movement, this is the core of Letshe’s gaming setup, and is the key to many of his awesome tournament successes. 

As a twitch streamer and content creator, Letshe has to perform almost 24/7, ensuring that these settings are some of the best options in the game. These are the game settings you need to adopt if you have a console, instead of a gaming PC.

Letshe Fortnite Settings for Movement & Combat

Left Stick Move
Right Stick Look
LT Aim Down Sights
LB Previous Weapon
RB Next Weapon
RT Attack/Confirm
Y Crouch
X Reload / Interact
B Switch Mode
A Jump
L3 Inventory
R3 Crouch / Repair
View Button Map
Menu Button Game Menu
D-Pad Up Emote
D-Pad Left Toggle Pickaxe
D-Pad Right Place Marker
D-Pad Down Edit

attack and so forth, however the D-pad usage is fairly interesting.

Many players may use it to make it a weapon D-pad for selecting weapon slots, or possibly less important tasks such as emotes (which he does). 

But Letshe uses D-Pad down for editing - this is likely due to its proximity to the movement joystick (left), allowing for a quick switch to editing while still looking around with the right. 

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Letshe Fortnite Controller Edit Settings

RT Select
D-Pad Left Toggle Pickaxe
D-Pad Right Squad Comms
D-Pad Down Emote/ Replay
Y Crouch
B Confirm
A Jump
L3 Inventory
R3 Reset
View Button Map
Menu Button Game Menu

A core aspect of Fortnite, Letshe’s edit settings ensure he can quickly access the important buttons available with their normal controller binds, whilst the D-pad is used for less useful commands such as emoting.

Letshe Controller Fortnite Settings For Building

LT Stair
LB Roof
RB Floor
RT Wall
Y Crouch
X Trap / Interact
B Switch Mode
A Jump
L3 Inventory
R3 Rotate / Repair / Trap
View Button Map
Menu Button Game Menu
D-Pad Up Edit
D-Pad Left Toggle Pickaxe
D-Pad Right Change Mats / Trap
D-Pad Down Emote / Replay

With stairs one of the most important builds, giving both height advantage and defence, it of course takes the primary spot of LT. To make sure Letshe can always pull off that awesome trap play, it is binded to multiple different buttons.

Letshe Dead Zone Fortnite Settings

The general advice for controller stick dead zones is to have it as low as possible, and Letshe certainly takes this to heart. At 0.11 and 0.10, Letshe likely benefits from an unreal amount of movement control because of his low dead zone settings.

But Letshe’s settings here may not work for you - make sure to test your own dead settings to find the lowest you can go before stick drift sets in.

Letshe Fortnite Video Settings

Window Mode Fullscreen
Display Resolution 1920 x 1080
Frame Rate Limit Unlimited
Quality (Custom 3D Resolution) 1920 x 1080
View Distance Near
Shadows Off
Anti-Aliasing Off
Textures Low
Effects Low
Post Processing Low
Vsync Off
Motion Blur Off
Show FPS On
Allow Multithreaded Rendering On

Letshe’s Fortnite video settings are pretty standard for a Fortnite professional, and certainly something you should consider adopting. With view distance set to near to focus on those all-important close quarter fights, other details such as shadows and anti-aliasing are of course set to off.

This is to help the player focus on the enemy rather than useless details, which is also why motion blur is off. For added video quality and gameplay smoothness the frame rate limit is set to unlimited, and the window mode fullscreen.

Your general settings in Fortnite should always be aimed at optimising combat effectiveness if you want to win as many battle royales as possible! Make sure to check out Letshe’s gameplay on his YouTube or Twitch to see exactly how much his settings pay off.