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How to Change Language in Tower of Fantasy (Visualized)

Here's how you can switch text and voice languages in Tower of Fantasy.
How to Change Language in Tower of Fantasy (Visualized)

The world in TOF is certainly a diverse one, but so is their global player base! The global client boasts a wide selection of text and voice language options, with up to 8 text languages and 2 voiceover languages for players to play Tower of Fantasy in. However, some players have reported a bug where TOF can launch in Chinese and stay that way - so here's a simple guide on how to change your text language, game voiceover language settings.

World Chat in Tower of Fantasy, mixed with different languages.

Where can I change Game Text Language in Tower of Fantasy?

Changing your text language will only alter which language is visually displayed on the menus, HUD, and open world etc. As of writing this article, the text options include: English, Japanese, German, French, Bahasa Indonesia, Spanish, Portuguese, Thai.

Where to change the text language in Tower of Fantasy.

<h3 id="Step-by-Step guide to Change Language in TOF_id=1">Step-by-Step guide to Change Language in TOF

  1. Hit [Esc] or tap the top right corner of your game screen.
  2. Tap [Settings] or the RED icon.
  3. From the left hand side, tap on the [Language] tab aka the last option (above exit game).
  4. Change [Game text language] to your desired preference.
  5. A menu will appear, asking you to confirm and restart the game. Hit the blue button for [OK], black button for [Cancel].

Where can I change Voiceover Language in Tower of Fantasy?

As of writing this article, Tower of Fantasy only comes in 2 voiceover language options: English and Japanese. Strangely, TOF's original language, Chinese, is nowhere to be found in their language options.

For voiceover languages, you definitely need to restart the game client before changes are made. The cool thing here is, you can continue playing in English but enjoy Japanese voices. It's a win-win!

The Tower of Fantasy language options are wide arrayed.

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