How To Easily Record EVE Online Gameplay And Clips

How To Record EVE Online Gameplay And Clips

Updated on Sep 17, 2023
How To Easily Record EVE Online Gameplay And Clips

Would you like to discover how to record the gameplay of EVE Online without using a capture card, completely free and conveniently? If your answer is positive, you've come to the right place because we'll reveal the most advisable and leisurely ways to record EVE Online and capture some fantastic videos and clips in just a few manageable steps.

What’s The Best Way To Record EVE Online Gameplay and Clips?

The best way to record EVE Online gameplay videos and clips is by using the GeForce Experience, Radeon ReLive, or OBS (Open Broadcaster Studio).

These three programs aren't exclusively made for gameplay recording since they can do so much more than that, including streaming EVE Online.


Still, in regards to gameplay capturing, each of these pieces of software can do a fantastic job and record EVE Online videos and clips in superb quality and with no effort so that anyone will be able to use them and capture some wonderful EVE Online moments.

How To Record EVE Online Clips In A Few Clicks?

For those who'd just like to skip reading guides, installing and configuring programs, and whatnot, there is a solution called Xbox Game Bar.

This small but very effective program comes pre-installed with the Windows 10 and newer versions, which means that those players who don't have this (or newer) OS installed will have to look for another way.

In any case, Xbox Game Bar allows players to monitor gaming performance, take the screenshots, and record gameplay.


This program doesn't require you to set anything up or adjust any settings; simply press the Windows button + Alt + G to record clips or the Windows button + Alt + R to record videos while you're in EVE Online, and you're good to go.

The Best Methods Of Recording Gameplay and Clips In EVE Online

Keep scrolling down to find out the best methods of recording gameplay videos and clips in EVE Online, using the top-notch screen recording programs of our choice.

One of our personal favorites is Powder, an AI-based game recording software that automatically captures your EVE Online highlights and lets you share those clips in a matter of moments. Furthermore, we recommend Gazoom—a video editor that provides many features beyond those of comparable software, such as effects, color filters, gifs, an audio editor, and much more.

For additional gameplay recording software, keep scrolling down. If you'd like to read more articles such as this one, find out how to record Hearthstone gameplay or how to record Runescape gameplay.

Method #1: Nvidia GeForce Experience

We'll begin with our list of best programs you can use to record EVE Online with GeForce Experience, so follow these steps to learn how to use it:


  1. Download the new version of GeForce Experience from the official website of Nvidia, and after installing it, the program will start automatically.
  2. Click on the settings cog icon left of your username, found in the upper right corner.
  3. Turn on the "In-game overlay" function.
  4. Lastly, click on the "Settings" under the "In-game overlay" tab.


You'll have an option to adjust advanced audio and video options, keyboard hotkeys, a default folder for videos and clips, and much more from this menu.

But since the program has already adjusted everything based on your GPU, you can start using it right away.

Then, when you're ready to start recording EVE Online using GeForce Experience, press Alt + F9 to record videos (of any length) or Alt + F10 to record clips. Your EVE Online videos and clips will be stored in the C:\Users\<Username>\Videos folder.

Method #2: Radeon ReLive

We'll now show how you can record EVE Online via Radeon ReLive:


  1. Download the Radeon Software Crimson ReLive Edition from the official website of AMD, then restart your PC before using the program.
  2. Click on ReLive tab in the AMD Radeon settings.
  3. Enable the ReLive function by clicking the button.


Looking at this screenshot, you'll notice various advanced recording options you can change. But when you restarted your PC before, the program has automatically adjusted all these settings based on your GPU, so now you should just turn on the "Instant Replay," "In-Game Replay," and "Instant Gif" options here.

With those options enabled, you'll be able to capture EVE Online clips and gifs easily and instantaneously.

Once you wish to begin recording EVE Online gameplay clips and videos, press down Ctrl + Shift + R hotkey while in the game, and you'll find these videos and clips stored in the C:\Users\<Username>\Videos\Radeon ReLive folder.

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