Should You Pull Single Wishes or Multi Rolls? (Explained!)

With every character banner comes a character we all wish we had - but are some ways better than others?

Updated on Jan 21, 2024
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Should You Pull Single Wishes or Multi Rolls? (Explained!)

Single Pulls? Multi Rolls? What Are They?

Example of Single Pulls and Multi-Rolls in Genshin Impact Wishing Page

Let me break the ice quickly and easily - what are pulls in Genshin Impact

For those new to the Genshin Impact impact, the term "wish" or "wishes" are equivalent to other gacha games' "pulls" or "summons". So referring back to this article's title, single pulls in Genshin Impact mean doing one wish on any banner once at a time, while multi-rolls refer to doing ten wishes in one go.

In Reality - No Difference

Genshin Impact has provided the percentage rates for everything you can get from any banner. This includes:

  • Character Event Banner(s) [Also known as Character Rate Up Banner]
  • Weapon Event Banner(s) [Also known as Weapon Rate Up Banner]
  • Standard Banners [Also known as the Permanent Banner]

Character and Weapon Event Banners are limited-time banners that usually last only three weeks, whereas the standard banner will forever be available for players to wish on.

Here are the tabulated overall drop percentage rates for each respective banner, obtained from Genshin Impact Fandom:

Character Event Banner Pull Rates

Drop Type Overall Wish Percentage
5-Star Featured Character1.07%
5-Star Non-Featured Character0.53%
5-Star Specific Non-Featured Character0.11%
4-Star Featured Characters8.67%
4-Star Specific Featured Character2.89%
4-Star Non-Featured Characters0.65%
4-Star Specific Non-Featured Character0.043%
4-Star Weapons3.68%
4-Star Specific Weapon0.2%

Weapon Event Banner Pull Rates

Drop Type Overall Wish Percentage
5-Star Featured Weapons1.48%
5-Star Specific Featured Weapon0.74%
5-Star Non-Featured Weapon0.37%
5-Star Specific Non-Featured Weapon0.037%
4-Star Featured Weapons11.6%
4-Star Specific Featured Weapons2.32%
4-Star Non-Featured Weapons0.22%
4-Star Specific Non-Featured Weapons0.015%
4-Star Characters2.68%
4-Star Specific Characters0.16%

Standard Banner Pull Rates

Drop Type
Overall Wishes
5-Star Characters0.80%
5-Star Specific Characters0.16%
5-Star Weapons0.80%
5-Star Specific Weapons0.08%
4-Star Characters6.50%
4-Star Specific Characters0.33%
4-Star Weapons6.50%
4-Star Specific Weapons0.36%

These percentages are static and do not change (unless it's the soft and hard pity!)

Multi-Rolls Over Single Pulls?

Double 5-Star Character Pull in a Single Multi-Roll

If you notice, the most popular Genshin Impact YouTubers and streamers do a lot more multi-rolls than single pulls! One reason is that they are doing it for content - it's both faster and exciting to see how many 5-star characters you might get when a golden star appears on a multi-roll right? 

However, as we can see, the pull rates are static, and there are no extra benefits from pulling multi-rolls over than single pulls.

I would recommend doing single pulls when you are approaching soft pity (around 75 pulls for the character banner, and 65 pulls for the weapon banner).  I believe that this is one of the best ways to use your Primogems in Genshin Impact, so treasure them dearly.

The reason I recommend this, especially for free-to-play players, is to ensure that you can maximize your Primogems count for the next banner to come, so ensure that you know how to save up Primogems in Genshin Impact!

Solution - Horde Primogems

From my experience, what you want to know is how to get Primogems fast in Genshin Impact. The fast pace of the limited banners means the specific character you are aiming for may arrive faster than you anticipate. Not to mention that, with the pity system, you can properly time and decide what characters you can get!

Of course, the more Primogems you have, the less you have to think about whether you should do single pulls or multi-rolls. Now that you know that the pull rates don't change, you can decide whatever way you'd like to pull!

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