How to Get S Rank in League of Legends

Being the best player in a League of Legends match is not just down to your KDA. There is more than meets the eye, to get the S rank.
How to Get S Rank in League of Legends

Carrying a game of League of Legends is not as clear cut as amassing a large number of kills. When you get an S however, you can be certain that you’ve done so. But, how to get S League of Legends players always strive for? It depends on a number of factors, and Riot Games have only ever hinted as to what they are.

How to Get S Rank in League of Legends?

The answer to this question is the same one when you ask how to climb League of Legends ranks. However, it does change if you just want to get some free skins.

Master a Single Champion

Becoming a one-trick pony is not that good of a choice in League of Legends. It’s the fastest way to getting better at the game, however, and getting an S rank.

When you play League of Legends as the same champion and in the same position over and over again, you gain a better understanding of what your role needs to be doing, and how your champion can accomplish those feats.

In addition, by doing this you gain champion mastery, and upon completing the champion mastery system, and accumulating three mastery tokens, you get the ultimate mastery emote to flex on others. Though it will take far more than five games to even get to mastery level 5, much less to unlock all the cosmetic upgrades for the border and get that emote.

Don’t Make Risky Plays

When you play League of Legends, and get to the higher rank, scores of KDA start to slow down and you can see players playing safer, and have a much better average CS.

This is so that you don’t give free resources to the enemy team, which they will be able to use far better than the players in low elo.

Instead, make plays with your team, when odds are in your favor, as League of Legends is a team-based game after all, and by the time you’re destroying the enemy nexus, you will see that you’ve earned the S grade, without trying to chase for more kills and possibly inting in the process.

What Affects League of Legends Post-game Grades?

There are a number of things to watch out for when playing League of Legends. But, in essence, all the points found in the post-game lobby affect which grade you get in an LoL match.

Kill/Death Ratio

The most obvious way to influence getting an S rank, is to have a good Kill-to-Death-to-Assist ratio, aka KDA. This stat is the most impactful one when getting an S rank, especially if you’re playing mid.

However, the most important thing is actually how many deaths you have, instead of the other two, so avoid dying. It doesn’t matter if you’ve gotten 20 kills in a game if you died 10 times while doing so. You need to keep your deaths to a minimum, especially with the new bounty system implemented.

Kill Participation

Kill participation is the number of kills you’ve taken part in, whether you dealt the killing blow yourself, or made the kill happen.

This is a stat important for supports, junglers, and mid-laners. Or, in essence, the roles that need to move around the map a lot. Especially so for supports, who can’t get an S, if not enough assists are accumulated.

Vision Score

Vision score is calculated quite simply:

  • When you place a regular vision ward

  • When you destroy enemy wards to deny the enemy’s vision

  • How many times you purchased a control ward

  • How many times your ward revealed the enemy team

When playing support, this is the most important stat to watch out for, as your role’s crest is a ward, thus requiring you to have a high vision score. It also impacts other lanes as well, and without an acceptable vision score, you won’t get an S rank.

Enemy objectives

Destroying enemy turrets is the job of the split-pushing champions in League of Legends. These are, of course, found in the top lane.

As a top laner, aside from your KDA, the amount of damage made to enemy structures also defines which grade you get after an LoL match, though even an average player knows you can’t just push a side lane the entire game.

Creep Score

Killing minions by last hitting them, aka farming them, is the most fundamental part of League of Legends. The name, creep score, remains from the original DotA days, when minions were called creeps, as they still are called in DotA 2.

This is the most important stat for the ADC to get their S rank in any League of Legends match. Their job is to scale to the late game, and then destroy the enemy team with their late-game power. Creep score is the most reliable way to do that, and not enough CS, even with a lot of kills, will make it so you don’t get that S.

It also affects whether other roles will get this grade as well, except for the support role, as they don’t farm minions.

Neutral Objectives

taking part in securing a kill on drakes or Baron Nashor is one of the ways to get S rank. For the jungle role, it’s the main one.

If you’ve managed to get all 4 drakes in a single game as the jungler, have at least as much cs as the enemy jungler, you’re not only winning games, you are getting an S rank.

With some good objective control from your support, and map control if you have a team that is not extremely bad at the game, you can easily get the highest rank, S+, as well, as you starve opponents the whole game that way, making you look even better in comparison.

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