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How to Play League of Legends with a Controller

Discover this alternative way of playing League of Legends if you're missing a mouse and keyboard.
How to Play League of Legends with a Controller

Something well-known about League of Legends it's how complex the game itself is, and how deep are the mechanics of it and its champions. From time to time veteran players might want to try a more challenging way of playing this game, and no, this time we’re not talking about the hardest role in LoL.

Can you play League of Legends with a controller?

The short answer is: Yes, you can play League of Legends with a gamepad control, a PS4 or an Xbox series controller. 

This is something that players who search new ways to play the game have been able to achieve. And you can find tons of videos on youtube of players who carry matches with a PS4 controller.

How to play League of Legends with a controller?

To play League of Legends with a PS4 Controller or an Xbox Controller you first need to install a program in your PC called Joytokey, which is the tool that will allow you to configure your mouse and keyboard functions to the controller.

Play League of Legends with a controller using Joytokey


Configuring Joytokey

  1. Connect your controller to your PC whether using an USB cable or Bluetooth thanks to a wireless controller. Once it's done, run Joytokey as administrator to prepare the controller settings.
  2. Now that you've opened the program you'll see a sidebar on the left, there you can create a profile where you will be able to make different configurations for other games you might play besides League of Legends.
  3. Once you've set yourself a profile for League, click on it, and a series of options will appear next to it with names such as “stick”, “button 1”, etc.


Configuring the controller

  1. As you press the buttons, you will see how these respond inside the controller support program. This way you can choose which specific function from your mouse or keyboard you want to bind to any button on the controller.
  2. Then, when you click on a button to bind it to a key, a new window pops up, where you will input the letter of your keyboard which will be activated thanks to the controller support.


Configuring the buttons

  1. Start by configuring the main keys to use your champion's abilities. The way they're configured is totally up to the summoners, but we commend using the X, A, Y, B, buttons for it.
  1. Summoner's spells and other in-game actions can be bound to the left and right triggers.


Configuring the mouse movement

  1. To configure the mouse movement, it's best to use the stick which will be recognized by the controller support. To achieve this, move the stick to each direction that is recognized by the program.
  2. Then, when opening the configuration window. Click on the “Mouse” section. There you'll see the “Cursor movement” and two bars that go left-right and up-down.
  1. If you're going to configure the mouse movement to the left with the stick, then place the left-right bar on -50, and the contrary would apply to the right mouse movement.
  2. Same goes for up-down -50 to go down, 50 to go up.

Is It Worth It To Play League of Legends With a Controller?

Playing League of Legends with a controller isn't for everyone, this game is meant to be played the way Riot Games designed it to be played, which is with a keyboard and a mouse.

To play with a controller is something that is most done by hardcore veteran players and content creators. It does take time to get used to this new way of playing League of Legends, but truth to be told, it isn't impossible. One of the most important aspects of using a controller is the camera movement, therefore, adjusting the stick with the right sensitivity is important to play as smoothly as possible.

Another thing is the fact that, at the very least, your account wont get banned if you happen to play in this way, regardless of the version of the game you’re playing, whether on the PC or mobile device one.


To discover new and challenging ways of playing your favorite games is something that many would want to try, especially in a game like League of Legends, where you have all kinds of champions and roles to play. Plus ADC or a mid-laner are two nice roles to try your matches with a controller.

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