How to Easily Hide Steam Games from Friends [6 Steps]

If you want to hide the games you play on Steam from your friends, don't worry. It can easily be done in the profile settings in the Steam client!

Updated on Dec 14, 2023
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How to Easily Hide Steam Games from Friends [6 Steps]

Having some games you don't want your close friends to know about on Steam can happen to anyone, even to myself! That's why there's an option to hide your Steam activity and games from anyone you want, including your friends:

  1. Launch Steam 
  2. Click on your Steam account username at the top right corner
  3. Select the "View my profile" option in the drop-down menu
  4. On the right side click on "Edit profile"
  5. Select the "Privacy" option on the left side of the newly opened menu
  6. Set the "Game details" option to "Private"

Steam How to Hide Games From Friends

After doing this to hide games, neither your friends nor anyone else can see how many hours you've spent on any Steam game. So your activity will be hidden even for the best Steam games!

Don't confuse this with hiding Steam games from yourself on the account's Steam library. Making your Steam profile private will hide the games from everyone else, but not from your Steam library. This means anyone who has access to your account can also see what games you have that you're hiding in the Steam library!

Can You Hide Single Games From Friends on Steam?

Unfortunately Steam doesn't have the option to hide individual games from friends. This means you'll either hide your game activity from all of your friends or none of them.

There's a workaround for this where you can set up family sharing and share your games on Steam with another account logged into the same PC. However, you'll need to make a new Steam account and gift your secret Steam game to it only for this purpose! Family sharing can easily be turned in the Steam settings from the "Family" tab.

Steam Hide Games From Friends Make New Account Family Share

I wouldn't suggest leading a double identity with 2 accounts to gift and share your hidden games since there's always the risk of forgetting the password. But if you'll do everything it takes to play a select few Steam games in secret while having the activity of other ones available to your friends, then this is a viable option!

How to Hide What You Currently Play from Steam Friends

If you don't want your friends to see what you're playing at the moment, then you can also hide games that you're currently playing by making yourself appear offline on Steam. This can easily be done by clicking the "Friends" tab in the Steam client and selecting the "Offline" option!

Steam Hide Games from Friends Account Appear Offline

And that wraps it up for how you can hide games from friends on Steam. The best way to set your hidden games is by making your Steam profile completely private. If you hate that hiding an individual Steam game isn't available yet, then definitely check out what the best Steam alternatives have to offer!

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