Where Can You Buy Valorant Gift Cards And Redeem Them?

Here we'll check out all the rules, restrictions, and locations on where to buy gift cards for Valorant!

Updated on Aug 24, 2023
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Where Can You Buy Valorant Gift Cards And Redeem Them?

Have you ever wanted to surprise your Valorant playing buddies with some Valorant points? Well, Riot Games offers an option for that with Valorant gift cards. And the Valorant points have their worth in these prepaid gift cards!

But when it comes to retailers for prepaid Valorant gift cards, Riot Games has set some restrictions, and where they can officially be purchased. So here we'll see where to buy Valorant gift cards, their limitations, and how to redeem them.

Valorant Gift Cards Restrictions

At the moment gift cards are region restricted if you want to officially purchase prepaid gift cards for Valorant from Riot Games. Riot's prepaid gift cards considering Valorant can only be purchased from the USA, and the regions for redeeming them are:

  • USA
  • Canada
  • Parts of Latin America


Do note that this is only meant if you want a Valorant gift card from Riot Games. There are also other third-party retailers which can offer gift cards they claim can be redeemed in other regions. But they come with the risk of being a scam making you unable to redeem them and purchase weapon skins like the best Vandal skins! So let's see all the locations from where you can buy Valorant gift cards.

Where to Buy Gift Cards Valorant?

There are currently 2 ways you can buy Valorant gift cards: properly from Riot Games through Amazon and through a third-party unauthorized seller. So let's see how you can buy yourself a gift card from both of these options and gift a friend that plays Valorant!

Buy Valorant Gift Card From Amazon

To get a gift card authorized from Riot Games on Amazon, make sure you're aware of the restrictions above. Going forward, you'll have to get to Amazon's site for Valorant gift cards. There are 4 options for Valorant prepaid cards from which you can choose:

  • 10$ which is about 1000 VP
  • 25$ which is about 2500 VP
  • 50$ which is around 4750 VP
  • 100$ which is around 9500 VP


Once you go through with the transaction, be it with your bank account card or Paypal on Amazon, the Valorant gift card's code will arrive in the email you have entered for said transaction. Get that code, redeem it, and the VP should arrive for all of your best Valorant skin needs! But how should you get these prepaid cards if you aren't from the US?

Buy Valorant Gift Card from Third-Party Seller

Another way you can get Valorant gift cards for other regions or for the US is from third-party sellers. But this comes at a risk, as Riot Games doesn't condemn this way of getting gift cards because there are chances it could be a scam! One of the most popular third-party sellers of Valorant gift cards is G2A.


These sellers work the same as the previous one, where once you complete the purchase, you should receive the gift card's code in your email. Then all you have to do is redeem that code for VP to get the best Valorant knife skins, which we'll see how it's done below.

How to Redeem Valorant Gift Card Code

Now one last thing that's left to do after your purchase of Valorant gift cards from the sellers above is to redeem the code. And it isn't a hard process so everyone can do it! Here's how to redeem a Valorant gift card code:

  1. Open the Valorant game client
  2. Click the Valorant icon located on the top right to open the Store for Valorant Points (VP)
  3. From the options above, select the Prepaid Cards & Codes section
  4. Type in the code you've got, and click on Submit


And that's it for where you can buy Valorant gift cards, their restrictions, and how to redeem their codes! It might look like a complicated process at first glance, but look deeper and you will see it is a simple process from our complete guide above. Now all that's left to do is unlock weapon skins, start completing in-game contracts, and become better in Valorant!

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