Silver 3 CS:GO Rank | All you need to know

Silver III is one of the 18 ranks in the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive ranking system. It is situated between Silver II and Silver IV and is the third-lowest rank you can receive.

silver 3 csgo rank
silver 3 csgo rank

Is Silver III good?

Silver III typically includes players who don't have much experience in FPS games like CS:GO. Usually, this rank is assigned to players who have lost all their placement matches but have won the last 2-3 with pretty good stats. Like the rest of the "Silver division”, these are players who are just learning what Counter-Strike is all about. Silver III players score around the top 91.87% of all players.

Ways to improve from Silver III

Silver III players should still focus on learning the gameplay basics.

Try Arms Race mode

By playing Arms Race mode you will have the opportunity to practice different types of weapons. This is a great option to learn about the performance, range, and movement effects of specific guns.

Try an in-game Deathmatch mode

‍It may be too early for FFA  Community Deathmatch; the gameplay may be too dynamic for your current skill level. However, we see no objection to you trying your hand at the in-game Deathmatch mode — it’s an excellent training and warm-up option for beginners.

Pay more attention to where you are aiming‍

Make sure your crosshair is not on the ground and remember to always aim for the head!

Buy Kevlar and give up too many grenades‍

While you are learning, don't buy too many grenades. Grenades very often need the right timing and proper strategy. 

Don't worry too much about losing‍

Remember to treat every match as a practice session; try to learn something from every lost round. The right attitude is the basis for further development.

How many hours do you need to play CSGO to become Silver III?

As with previous Silver ranks, most Silver III players have yet to play their first 100 hours in CS:GO. It also depends on how the placement matches were; perhaps your stats were good enough to get you promoted to Silver IV after one/two Competitive Mode wins. Bottom line — Rather, no less than 10, and no more than 100 hours is the time spent in-game for a Silver III player.