Gold Nova 1 CS:GO Rank | All you need to know

Gold Nova I is the first rank in the “Gold division” (Gold Nova I — Gold Nova Master)

gn1 csgo
gn1 csgo

Ways to improve from Gold Nova I

Avoid playing with random people

In the “Gold division,” many players are on a very similar skill level, so this is where teamwork wins. Usually, the team with the better info will simply win the match.

Take care of the quality of your info

You already know all the locations on the map, so give accurate information to make the game easier for the rest of your team. We also probably don't need to mention that using your microphone is an absolute must!

Stay focused on the game

Don't listen to music or browse social media during the match. Try to focus all your energy on leading your team to victory.

Use headphones

You can't afford to play the speakers anymore. Simply hearing an opponent's step or scope can have a massive impact on the final match result.

Don't forget to warm up before the game

Whether it's a Deathmatch, a practice session on a community map, or a casual game on an FFA server, do whatever is necessary to warm up before a match to avoid poor play in the first rounds.

How many hours do you need to play CSGO to become Gold Nova I?

It all depends on what rank you started with, but it's safe to say that Gold Nova I players have an average of about 300 hours played. Those who had some more experience in previous versions of Counter-Strike will easily reach this rank in less than 50 hours, but new players will have to work a little harder and put in some more time (maybe even 500 hours).