Silver Elite CS:GO Rank | All you need to know

Silver Elite (also known as SE) is the fifth rank of the “Silver” division, meaning it is the fifth (counting down from the lowest) of eighteen ranks in the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive ranking system.

Silver Elite CSGO Rank
Silver Elite CSGO Rank

Is Silver Elite good?

Silver Elite is a rank that declares knowledge of the absolute basics of the game and means being in the top 82.29% of all players. Although far from a pro player, Silver Elite players should have no problem knowing places on the map or aiming at their opponent's head. To be honest, Silver Elite players are not much different from, say, Gold Nova 2, but they still tend to make some novice mistakes. It contains about 6.44% of all CS:GO players, where virtually all of them are beginners (and smurfs, of course).

Ways to improve from Silver Elite

A Silver Elite player's main goal should be to eliminate novice mistakes once and for all. 

Practice your recoil regularly‍

Use maps and servers for Recoil training regularly. Try to spend at least 15 minutes a day on such practice, and you will quickly notice the effects in ranked games.

Use your radar more often‍

Getting precise info is essential in CS:GO. Since you can't always count on your teammates, you should take advantage of the radar in the upper-left corner.

Learn some uncomplicated strategies for pistol rounds‍

The team that wins the pistol round very often wins the next two rounds. Try different strategies on each map and see which ones work best for you!


Warming up before every ranked game will make it less likely that you will play below your ability for the first few rounds. If FFA Community Deathmatch is still too dynamic for you, try modes such as in-game Deathmatch or Arms Race.

Try to spot your mistakes‍

Instead of complaining that your opponent got lucky and killed you, try to think about what you could have done to prevent it. The mental approach to the game is as important as the aim.

How many hours do you need to play CSGO to become Silver Elite?

The amount of time to become a Silver Elite (or any other rank really) depends on your experience with previous versions of Counter-Strike and similar FPS games. Silver Elite players often have around 120-150 hours, but if you started with Silver I and lost many matches, it can be up to twice as long.