Valorant Icebox Lore: The Story Behind the Map

The Valorant Icebox lore and story for the map explained: Yoru's mask, samurai armor, and more.
Valorant Icebox Lore: The Story Behind the Map

Every Valorant map has its own strategies in combat, post-plant situations for A-site and B-site, and such. But what some players may be surprised by is that Riot Games has created lore and stories for each map in Valorant.

One Valorant map that traverses in time travel and samurais with its story is Icebox. So here we'll check out the Icebox lore - Valorant!

Where is Valorant Icebox Located in Real Life?

The Valorant map Icebox is located in Siberia, Russia in real life. To be more specific, the map lies on an island in the East Siberian Sea of Russia. This is known due to Riot Games giving us the coordinates to Icebox on the loading screen when entering a match on Icebox. And Icebox's coordinates are "76°44' A"N 149°30' Z"E".

Valorant Icebox Real Life Russia

The map layout isn't anything different from most of the other maps, boasting an A-site and B-site with an extensive mid-section where both the ally and the enemy team have equal opportunities. But out of the other maps, Icebox requires lots of teamplay, coordination, and lineups to defeat the enemy team! Check out videos of lineups on the TheGlobalGaming YouTube channel. There is also agents' lore content, and with that, let's see the riddled Icebox lore in Valorant.

What is the Valorant Icebox Lore and Story?

Riot Games has created an evil company called the Kingdom corporation in the overall Valorant lore and story. In short, they're mining and using this resource called Radianite which they use to power up the energy supply of Earth. Icebox serves as a means to store, research, and transport Radianite.

The storage of Radianite can be noticed throughout A-site and B-site with the crates full of Radianite. As for transport, there are numerous cranes and functioning ships stacked with crates of Radianite points ready to go! One massive ship for this has to be the attackers' side spawn. There's even an easter egg of a crane being shipped to Riot Games' headquarters which you can see in the image below. For Radianite research purposes, there are lots of offices and screens that allude to that reason.

Valorant Icebox Map Kingdom

Even though the above statements are the main reason for Icebox's existence, there's a deeper reason why Kingdom is specifically operating on the map. In the beginning, before at the time Riot Games released new agent Yoru, within the A-site building there was an encased samurai armor.  This armor is believed to be enlaced with the Radianite resource.

Valorant Samurai Armor

Although there's one samurai armor that stands out more behind the glass wall, you can notice more samurai suits standing behind it. It's speculated these samurai suits were taken from a wrecked ship stuck in an ice wall on B-site. That's another reason why the Kingdom corporation is operating on the map of Icebox - to research this ship alongside the Japanese samurai suits stuck in ice located all the way in Russia.

Valorant Icebox B-site Japanese Ship

After some time, Riot Games released Yoru, and the Icebox map got changed. There were multiple changes, but the most notable change was that the glass wall behind the samurai armor was broken. The armor itself wasn't missing from A-site and was intact, with some energy presumably Radianite flowing around it. The other sets of armor seemed to be doing just okay around the broken one.

But one thing was missing from the full set of the main samurai armor, and that was the samurai armor's mask. Let's just hope the best Phantom skins don't go missing!

Valorant Icebox Lore Samurai Armor Mask Stolen

All of the evidence lead to the fact that the mask of the samurai armor was stolen. There were multiple speculations of all the agents that may have stolen the mask from the armor in A-site alongside the best skins at the time. But the timing aligned too perfectly with Yoru being released at that moment…

Did Yoru Steal his Mask?

Yoru stole his mask from the Icebox map. You can read about Yoru's lore here to understand his side of the story more. But regarding Icebox's lore and story, there were a lot of details alluding to the mask being stolen from the samurai set scattered around the map. The first one was the "Intruder Alert" sign appearing on the defends' spawn connecting Yoru's intrusion into the map.

Valorant Icebox Lore Intruder Sign

Another crucial evidence of Yoru's intrusion though has to be on a sign towards B-site. There's a board with funny gags from the workers on the map, but there's 1 image from CCTV footage that's probably from Yoru scanning out the Icebox map. It's from a guy with a motorcycle, and the only guy from the agents' lore and story we know that loves motorcycles is Yoru! 

Valorant Icebox Yoru Poster

We know from Yoru's lore that the samurais may be his ancestors. But in Icebox's perspective, that begs the question of why are his ancestors on the map alongside their ship stuck in the ice wall. The answer to that may lie in time travel.

Radianite has given our agents their powers in the near future, discovered in 2039, and it seems like the samurais with their ship might have time traveled with Radianite right in the Icebox map. Yoru in fact has traveled to investigate the ship and has noticed Radianite lashed into it in this voicemail. So the possibility of a second mask and Radianite having existed in the distant past are possibilities.

So that adds up to another reason why Kingdom is specifically researching Icebox, and why our agents are interested in it too. But one thing's for sure, and it's that Kingdom is keeping this a secret from the public. Due to this, we'll never know if super-powered agents like ours existed in the past.

Valorant Icebox Samurai Research

Icebox with A-site and B-site serves as the reason for working with Radianite like many maps. But a ship full of Radianite-enlaced samurai sets of armor was discovered on Icebox. Yoru suspecting the samurais are his ancestors, he stole his ultimate ability mask from there. Even though Radianite was discovered in the distant future, Icebox's agents with all the nervous post-plant situations say Radianite may come from the past. That's what Riot Games has laid for Icebox's lore and story so far, so we can only wait until we get new information!

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