Pro Player 72hrs Fortnite Keybinds Mouse Settings and Video Settings

Are you a fan of Fortnite pro 72hrs? Than maybe you want to see how he’s so successful by diving into his mouse video and keybinds settings!

Updated on Aug 29, 2023
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Pro Player 72hrs Fortnite Keybinds Mouse Settings and Video Settings

We've always believed the best way to play like a pro, is to use settings like a pro. How are you supposed to know what settings setup the pros are using you ask? That's where we come in! We're dissecting the greatestPro Fortnite Players settings in game to show you what you should be using.


In this article we're diving into American Fortnite player and Twitch streamer Thomas Mulligan, better known as 72hrs.

72hrs Fortnite Mouse Settings

Fun fact about 72hrs, his mouse of choice is currently the Finalmouse Ultralight 2 gaming mouse.

72hrs Fortnite Mouse Settings
Mouse Sensitivity X 15%
Mouse Sensitivity Y 15%
Mouse Targeting Sensitivity 30%
Mouse Scope Sensitivity 30%
Mouse DPI 400
Polling Rate 500 Hz

Try out your new graphic settings while practicing on the Best Aim Maps.

72hrs Fortnite Keybinds Settings

Whether it be moving, combat, or editing Fortnite players rely on their keybinds to get them a top placement in Battle Royale.

72hrs Fortnite Movement Keybinds

First up is movement. Using a Logitech G Pro Mechanical gaming keyboard it’s important to 72hrs to get his movement keybinds down.

72hrs Fortnite Movement Keybinds
Move Forward W or Up
Move Left A or Left
Move Backward S or Down
Move Right D or Right
Jump Space Bar
Sprint Default
Auto Run G or Num Lock
Crouch Left Ctrl / C

If you want, you can look at alternative keybind settings in the Best Fortnite Keybinds article.

72hrs Fortnite Combat Keybinds

Combat is the crux of any pro players Fortnite game. Thankfully, 72hrs has dialed in some solid combat keybinds that anyone can emulate!

72hrs Fortnite Combat Keybinds
Fire Left Mouse Button
Target Right Mouse Button
Reload R
Use F
Harvesting Tool 1
Weapon Slot 1 2
Weapon Slot 2 3
Weapon Slot 3 4
Weapon Slot 4 5
Weapon Slot 5 6

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72hrs Fortnite Building Keybinds

Building is where the pros can show their skill compared to a normal player.

72hrs Fortnite Building Keybinds
Crouch While Building Left Ctrl
Wall Mouse Button 5
Floor E
Stairs Q
Roof Mouse Button 4
Trap T
Place Building Left Mouse Button
Repair/Upgrade R
Rotate Building C
Change Building Material Right Mouse Button
Building Edit F
Crouch while Editing Left Ctrl

A great way to practice your keybinds in Fortnite is to hop into a 1v1 Build Battle Creative Map

72hrs Fortnite Video Settings

Video settings are an essential part of the game to tweak to optimization. Especially since we're talking about a PC player. PC players have a multitude of video settings that directly affect how smooth their PC gameplay will be.

72hrs Fortnite Video Settings
Window Mode Fullscreen
Resolution 1920 x 1080 16:9
Frame Rate Limit 240 FPS
Brightness 100%
User Interface Contrast 1x
Color Blind Mode Protanope
Color Blind Strength 10
3D Resolution 100%
View Distance Far
Shadows Off
Anti-Aliasing Off
Textures Low
Effects Low
Post Processing Low
Vsync Off
Motion Blur Off
Show FPS On
Multithreaded Rendering On
HUD Scale 50%

Want to reach these kinds of FPS settings? You can use the same 72hrs setup as Thomas Mulligan with the Alienware AW2518h.

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Now that you know your favorite Fortnite pros setup maybe you can find yourself on Team Liquid or Team Faze Clan following in 72hrs' Fortnite career footsteps! Did you know some Fortnite pros have had themselves made into Real Life Fortnite Skins? It's true, but if you're looking for a skin not based on your favorite Team Liquid player you can check out the Best Fortnite Skins instead. Finally, if you want to dig into more Fortnite settings that the best players use check out Cented's Fortnite Settings instead.

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