5 Absolute Best Fortnite Skin Combos That You Have To Do

Check out these 5 must-try Fortnite skin combos, including the Guardians of the Galaxy combo, the rarest combo, a lighthearted combo, and the Peely combo

Updated on Oct 26, 2023
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5 Absolute Best Fortnite Skin Combos That You Have To Do

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The Guardians of the Galaxy Combo

Thanks to several Epic Games Marvel crossover collaborations for Fortnite skin combos, we're able to get multiple members of the Guardians of the Galaxy into one Fortnite skin combo!

Starlord Outfit

All you need for this skin combo is the Starlord Outfit, Baby Groot Back Bling, and The Milano Glider to tie it all together. With all these items equipped, players will run in fear knowing what fate is in store for anyone attacking the Guardians of the Galaxy. What's more, Baby Groot will always fit any Fortnite superhero skin or pretty much all Fortnite Marvel skins; so, if you have it, take advantage of it.

Baby Groot Back Bling

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The Rarest Combo

For this combo, we've hunted the Fortnite's rarest skin, rarest glider, and rarest pickaxe to make the rarest skin combo. Pulling off a combo this rare is a flex that will have even the most experienced players shivering in their boots.

Wildcard skin

The rarest combo includes the Wildcard skin, FNCS Axe of Champions harvesting tool, and the Discovery glider. And yeah, these three of the rarest cosmetics in-game, so if you have them all be sure to equip them for a massive flex!

FNCS Axe of Champions harvesting tool

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A Lighthearted Combo

After that try-hard combo with all the rarest cosmetics let's jump into something lighter. This combo includes the Jellie skin, Pop Dropper glider, and the Balloon Axe harvesting tool.

Jellie skin Fortnite

These are three lighthearted cosmetics, making for a Fortnite skin combo that shows you don't take yourself too seriously; perfect for those who are here for the funniest Fortnite skins instead of sweaty skins.

Balloon Axe harvesting tool

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Peely Combo

Next up we have our personal favorite combo, the Peely Combo. This combo includes your favorite Peely skin, the Back Board back bling with the Banana style, and the Peely Pick harvesting tool.

Peely Fortnite Combo

With these three skins in tandem you'll be a fully bananaed out Fortnite skin combo. Not many skin combos can hold a candle to how fun this combo is.

Don't have a Peely skin yet? No worries! Check out the Best Peely Banana Skins to find your favorite Peely skin.

Peely Fortnite Skateboard

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Rick & Pickle Combo

Now, let's end this with something obvious; this listing just wouldn't be complete without it. With the Pickle Rick back bling and the Rick Battle Pass skin we're able to make a Rick and Rick Fortnite skin combo!

Rick Fortnite Skin

If you want to make it a Rick and Morty skin combo, you can always include the Hammerhead Morty Pickaxe, which is available in the Fortnite Item Shop. 

Pickle Fortnite skin

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