Hearthstone File Size For All Platforms [Newest Update]

Discover the latest download size of Hearthstone for PC and mobile devices!

Updated on Nov 16, 2022
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Hearthstone File Size For All Platforms [Newest Update]

Whether you decided to join the Hearthstone craze the first time or start playing this digital collectible card game after a long break, you'd certainly want to know its current download size. Since this game is available on PC and mobile devices, its download size depends on the device you wish to download it on. And because this information isn't listed on the official game requirements (there's only storage size once the game installs), we decided to share our findings with everyone because Blizzard didn't want to. In this article, you'll find the most current download size of Hearthstone, along with some extra particulars that you may find interesting, so keep reading if you're interested in this game.

Where Can I Play Hearthstone?

You can play Hearthstone on PC (Microsoft Windows and macOS), iOS, Android, and Chrome OS. 

What Is The Download Size Of Hearthstone?

The download size of Hearthstone is 5.9 gigabytes for PC and 2.9 gigabytes for mobile devices.

You'll need to download around 310 MB for Battle.net launcher on PC as well. 

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Where Can I Download Hearthstone?

You can download Hearthstone on Battle.net launcher (PC), Play Store or third-party websites (Android), and App Store (iOS).

Blizzard's Voyage Into The DCCG Waters

Over the past couple of years, digital collectible card games have been popping up like mushrooms after rain, and it's one of the fastest-growing genres in gaming. One of the main reasons for their popularity is the unlimited replayability and the fact that they are usually based on some familiar titles. For example, Gwent is based on the Witcher series, and Legends Of Runeterra is based on League Of Legends lore, and this is one of the recipes for commercially successful games. Of all the most prominent DCCG titles, Hearthstone is one of the oldest ones, and since it's based on a Warcraft universe, it has automatically attracted millions of players. 

Quick buck for Blizzard Entertainment.

According to various sources, Hearthstone had over 23.5 million active players in 2020 worldwide, including all devices. Despite losing its popularity compared to the past few years, this game has earned Blizzard Entertainment around $500 million per year, of which most were from mobile players. Without a doubt, Hearthstone is Blizzard's game with the highest return on an investment relative to its production cost.

When you give it some thought, you realize it's a rather undemanding game, particularly compared to their other titles like World of Warcraft or Overwatch (you can also check out the download size of WoW and download size of Overwatch 2 beta). All that Blizzard Entertainment needs to do is keep updating the game, release some new cards from time to time, and players will keep buying card packs. It’s a win-win situation because players get a dopamine rush each time they open a new card pack, while Blizzard gets the dough.

This is quite addicting, actually.

Thanks to Hearthstone's enormous popularity and commercial success, this game has evolved into an esports title, and some of the tournaments had a $1 million prize pool. Generally speaking, Hearthstone is a decent game, but if you're broke or simply don't feel like splashing out on Blizzard - don't even think about starting to play Hearthstone cause you'll need to open lots of card packs if you want to improve your chances of success.

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