Best Ways to Secure Both Rift Heralds in League of Legends

Securing neutral objectives like Rift Herald can decide an LoL match. Due to this getting more Rift Heralds in LoL is a skill that needs honing!

Updated on Mar 06, 2024
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Best Ways to Secure Both Rift Heralds in League of Legends

This influences the course of an entire part of the map, with both the jungler and the laner gaining a lot of advantage over their enemies, and opening up the map for more macro plays. In essence, getting more Rift Heralds is as important as improving LoL early-game farming!

How to Get More Rift Heralds in League of Legends?

As is the case with everything in League of Legends, getting more Rift Heralds is a series of steps that need to be followed each game. There is no magical solution, but good practices will increase your chances of getting both Rift Heralds each game!

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Keeping Track of Rift Herald Spawn Timers

The basics of juggling revolve around knowing when jungle camps spawn, so you can farm them the most effectively. This is true for the slow clearing junglers, as well as the fastest clear jungler champions in LoL.

The Rift Herald spawns twice each match, before the 20-minute mark

  1. The first Rift Herald spawns at the 8-minute mark in-game
  2. The second Rift Herald spawns at the 14-minute mark

LoL - Spawn Timers Scoreboard

Note that the second Rift Herald will only spawn if the first one is killed before 13:45. Rift Herald can also only be taken until 19:55 when she despawns and makes way for Baron Nashor to spawn.

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Setting Up Rift Herald

Rift Herald is the third-strongest neutral objective on the map, in terms of damage and durability. This means that taking Rift Herald can be time-consuming and the enemy has time to try and contest it.

So preparing the field beforehand is a must, especially if you and your top laner have a good jungle/top lane synergy.

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Pathing Towards Top Lane

The first thing to do when learning how to jungle in LoL, and starting out a game of League of Legends, is to set up your pathing strategy based on the goals you wish to achieve in that game.

To fulfill the goal of taking both Rift Heralds, you'll need to achieve priority on the top side of your map, so your allies can help you.

  1. Take Red-Blue buff with a bot lane leash
  2. Take the remaining Buff
  3. Take Top Side River Scuttle Crab as soon as it spawns
  4. Soak one minion of Xp from a bush and gank either top or mid lane.

This is the quickest way to get to level 3 and gank either top or mid lane, getting your allies ahead, and achieving priority on the top side of the map, to get Rift Herald easily, as the enemy laner will be zoned by your ally, and will be unable to help their jungle contest the objective.

LoL - Quick Top Jungle Path

From then on you can return to your jungle to finish a full clear, invade the enemy jungle with your laner, or try to gank the other top-side lane, depending on the state of the game.

Just make sure that the enemy jungler doesn't have the same idea, especially if they are one of the best LoL counter junglers, as a failed level 3 gank can ruin your entire game.

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Taking Rift Herald Quickly

Unlike the other large neutral objectives which players have no choice but to stat check, killing Rift Herald quickly is a skill in itself. Rift Herald has a massive weak point on its back, which deals incredible damage to the monster when hit.

  1. Aggro Rift Herald
  2. Dodge its charge attack by moving to the side
  3. Dodge its auto-attack animation and move towards its back when it turns
  4. Pop the large eye that spawns on its back to deal a to of damage
  5. Rinse and repeat

LoL - Rift Herald Weak Point

This way, you can ensure that you take a minimal amount of damage when killing the Rift Herald while maximizing your own damage output and quickly killing it.

After all, even if you got your top laner ahead, the enemy team might have one of the best roaming support champions coming to help their jungler out.

How to Best Use Rift Herald?

When killed, Rift Herald drops a relic that can be picked up by a single player on your team, and it fills the slot of your wards. After taking Herald, it last for 240 seconds, and must be used before expiring.

The summoned Rift Herald can destroy two and a half plates in her first charge, and using Herald depends on the state of the game

  • First Herald must be used before plates drop
  • The best lane to summon Rift Herald is the one that has less than three plates remaining to take the first tower fully
  • The second Rift Herald is best used on side lanes, to help split pushers draw aggro or take inhibitor

Rift Herald is usually, used on the lane you ganked the most, and gave the most advantage to, so the laners can continue to snowball the game as much as possible.

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