How To Use Aim Lab To Improve In Valorant [Best Game Modes]

You can utilize Aim Lab to improve your aiming aspects as well as non-aim aspects like audio cues and reaction times!

Updated on Dec 06, 2023
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How To Use Aim Lab To Improve In Valorant [Best Game Modes]

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The tracking aspect of aim is the skill you must have to trace and follow moving targets. With Jetts and Razes moving at light speeds and enemies wide-peeking you all the time, it’s essential to train your crosshair placement and tracking capabilities.


In the SwitchTrack game mode, multiple targets fly around in different directions. To pop the targets, you must track your crosshair on them for around one second. The longer you keep your crosshair on them, the lower their health becomes until they eventually pop. Make sure to use the best Aim Lab Valorant settings to see the targets clearly!

SwitchTrack Aim Lab


StrafeTrack is a little similar to SwitchTrack but has one big difference. Instead of having multiple targets, you have one big target. The target has many more hit points than the targets in SwitchTrack, so you must keep your crosshair on it for a few seconds for it to pop.


In FreeTrack, a person-sized target will be walking around instead of ball targets like the previous game modes. For this game mode, you must keep shooting the target as much as possible, preferably aiming at its head to help you get more headshots in Valorant. The target can shrink, changing its head-level height, perfect for Valorant headshot training.

Free Track Aim Lab

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Flicking is probably my favorite part of any first-person shooter game, especially in Valorant. There’s no better feeling than flicking your crosshairs to an enemy’s head and deleting them. If you’re an Operator player, then flicking is an aiming aspect you must work on.


In SpiderShot, you will see one ball target at a time. After shooting it, another target will spawn. The distance of the targets changes, going closer and further. With the change in distance, the target size will also change. You must flick onto these targets as fast as possible.


The name “SixShot” should give a hint of what to expect. You will see six ball targets at a time in this game mode. These targets are tiny in size, and shooting one will instantly spawn another one. I highly recommend using SixShot to practice precise flicks.

Six Shot Aim Lab


The ReflexShot game mode is quite similar to SpiderShot, but there’s one significant difference. In SpiderShot, targets appear right after you shoot. However, in ReflexShot, these targets appear randomly, not after you shoot. This difference makes the targets in ReflexShot unpredictable, which is why you will need quick reflexes to adjust.

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Finally, we come to speed. If you want to be the next TenZ and have flashy aim like him, then you need to improve your aiming speed. I’m more of a calculated player in Valorant, but I can see why people strive to have super-fast aim.


DecisionShot is my personal favorite Aim Lab game mode and I highly suggest adding it to your Valorant Aim Lab playlist. Here, a red or blue colored target will appear on your screen. After seeing the color and shooting it, a red and blue ball will appear. You must shoot the color you saw earlier, which is why it’s named DecisionShot. You need quick thinking, muscle memory, and aim, making this game mode perfect for speed training.

Decision Shot Aim Lab


You’ve probably seen the Valorant Aim Gods play GridShot before; it’s the most-known game mode in all of Aim Lab. In GridShot, you will see three ball targets at a time. Every time you shoot a target, a new one instantly spawns. All of these targets appear in a grid shape, so you won’t have to flick far away and can focus on shooting as quickly as possible.


MotionShot is a straightforward game mode. Ball targets will spawn one at a time and will move in random directions. The distance of these targets also changes, making them change in size and more challenging to predict. You only need to shoot the target once for another one to spawn.

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Non-Aim Training

Though the concept of aiming is arguably the most important aspect to improve on, other non-aim aspects build a good Valorant player, such as your awareness and reaction time.


In the Detection game mode, you don’t need to do any aiming. Ball targets will spawn at random times and locations; you only need to click on your mouse right after you see them. After clicking, the targets will turn green, indicating that you have reacted to them. If you couldn’t tell already, this mode focuses on reaction time, which is crucial in punishing jiggle peekers in Valorant.

Detection Aim Lab

AudioSpatial 8

As the name suggests, AudioSpatial 8 focused on improving a player’s ability to listen to audio cues. Eight targets will surround you. One of the targets will make a shooting sound. You must guess which of the eight targets shot the bullet. Shooting the target will confirm your guess.

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