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How to Make Valorant Fullscreen?

Make Valorant Fullscreen Resolution: a complete guide towards putting Valorant go full screen.
How to Make Valorant Fullscreen?

Setting up screen sizes and resolutions for games on your monitor can be beneficial to winning games. Even if you play windowed mode or full-screen mode, both can have their case uses, especially for increasing FPS.

This also applies to Riot Games’ tactical shooter Valorant. So if you’ve wanted full-screen mode, you’ve come to the right place here we’ll check out how to make Valorant go full-screen!

How to Make Fullscreen Valorant

Some players want to adjust desktop size and create custom resolutions for a stretched screen in Valorant. Other players though are stuck making Valorant go full-screen. So here’s a complete guide on how to make Valorant go full-screen for your display settings:

  1. Open the Valorant game from your desktop
  2. Click on the Valorant Settings gear icon on the top-right
  3. Select the Video tab above
  4. Under the General tab, there are resolution settings but importantly Display Mode
  5. Click on the Display Mode option and choose Fullscreen
  6. Click on apply to set Valorant to Full-Screen
Valorant Fullscreen Mode How to Guide

This should’ make your Valorant game go full screen. If you want to play windowed mode though, just select Windowed, and hit on Apply. You’ll have to set your monitor’s resolution here too, as the game adjusts to your screen for you to play with the best knife skins.

Then there’s the Full-Screen Windowed mode, formerly called Windowed Fullscreen. This option is basically a combination of full screen-windowed mode, making it stretch around your whole screen to your monitor’s resolution. It’s a bit of a stupid option alongside the worst Valorant skins, which is basically full-screen but to maximum resolution with lower FPS.

How do I force Valorant to Full Screen?

As some players would have it when they adjust the desktop size while mangling with the display settings and resolution settings, Valorant will show black bars or be on a windowed screen. These black bars’ reason ranges from issues with a local disk drive and a corrupt file on your computer to aspect ratio graphics settings problems.

To force back Valorant into fullscreen to make that gameplay experience, open the Valorant game first. Then while playing Valorant, press ALT+Enter on your keyboard. Then you’ll be able to enjoy the best Phantom skins while playing the game to their full extent!

Valorant Fullscreen Alt Enter Fix Issue Problem

To make sure this doesn’t happen all too often, make sure to update your graphics card drivers either from the Device Manager or official graphics drivers websites. And if you have an NVIDIA GPU, open NVIDIA control panel, head to help, and select Updates.

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