Best Beginner LoL Champions to Learn the ADC Role With

The attack damage carry role is one whose gameplay differs from any other in the game. Due to that, new players find it hard to pick it up.

best adc champions lol beginners
best adc champions lol beginners

The bot lane consists of two champion roles, those being that of the support role and attack damage carry, or ADC for short. While in other lanes, champions have a variety of classes to choose from, ADC champions, from the best ones to the worst ones, are exclusively marksmen. Due to the high learning curve regarding this role, here are the simplest, and yet effective ADC champions for the players just joining the game.


If you ask any LoL player to name an iconic ADC, they would have to mention Ashe. Ashe is as simple as they come, being an archetypical, bow, and arrow-wielding, marksman that set the pace for consistent damage in the game for years. Don’t let her updated looks deceive you, this is an old champion, with her Legacy skins capable of backing that claim.

The one thing that has not changed with ADC champions’ gameplay is the reliance on kiting engage champions, such as those found in the top lane. And, while support champions may help with this, even the best ones sometimes fail or are too far away. Because of that, ADC players must learn to kite enemies by themselves.

As Ashe has an inbuilt slow in her kit, this becomes quite easy to do, with most champions unable to reach her, while she is free to dish out free damage. Furthermore, her ultimate is an enormous stun, which can be used in both defense and offense, while her main damage comes from her auto attacks, meaning there are no complex mechanics to perform, which is just perfect for new players. Besides, even though she is old, Ashe is still a late-game beast of a champion, capable of carrying team fights and games on her own.


While Ashe is a scaling beast of a champion, even with her old age, Sivir is anything but. Even as a niche pick, it’s been years since this champion has been classified as anything more than an A-tier ADC champion, much less an S-tier. That doesn’t mean that she doesn’t have her uses though.

League of Legends - Sivir

And ADC lives and breathes farming, as a rule. That means aiming to get 10 minion kills per minute, and only feeling as powerful as mid laners, at around the 30-minute mark, unless you’ve been spoon-fed some kills. The art of farming takes some time to learn though, and Sivir is the best ADC champion for new players to learn how to farm.

League of Legends - Sivir in-game

Her kit is a basic one, with long-range poke, a spell shield to negate enemy engage and damage, which is highly useful for new players, and an ability that bounces her weapon between targets. Combined, this gives Sivir an easy way of clearing waves after waves of minions, while being minimally threatened by the enemy support. In the end, though, Sivir is a bad champion overall, and is akin to training wheels and will have to be abandoned as soon as you’ve learned the basics.

Miss Fortune

Speaking of learning basic ADC functions, we have MIss Fortune, which teaches new players the importance of positioning as an ADC in team fights. Unlike Sivir though, Miss Fortune is a very popular and relevant League of Legends champion.

League of Legends - Gun Goddess Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune’s place in the meta has always been a steady one, with her often being regarded as an S-tier champion, at least once in every season. This is because her abilities are reliable, and don’t depend on some item’s gimmick being strong during a patch.

League of Legends - Gun Goddess Miss Fortune in-game

Where Miss Fortune excels for new players is in giving them a direct taste of what it means to position properly in a team fight, because of her ultimate ability. It’s an Area of Effect ability that deals physical damage to all enemies in an area and is capable of melting entire teams outright during the late game.


One of the forgotten League of Legends champions, whose pick rate increases only when lethality builds are strong, and even then he is played in the mid-lane, is Varus. To describe him in the least amount of words possible, Varus is a discount Ashe, just of the Darkin lore.

League of Legends - Varus

What this means is that Varus is an ADC champion whose early game power is middling at best, and his late-game scaling can definitely be improved. Even with all of that, Varus is useful for new players purely because of the straightforward nature of his abilities, which is something even ADC players have to learn to use effectively, and not just their auto-attacks.

League of Legends - Varus in-game

His basic abilities consist of long-range poke, and attack speed buff, while his ultimate roots one enemy hit immediately, and spreads to other to root them as well, over a period of time. And, while his DPS will not be able to kill a dedicated tank in the later stages of the game, new players won’t be facing those but will be playing against players on their own skill level anyway.


Moving away from standard ADCs, we have Ezreal the boytoy. He is the next step after Varus, for new players to learn more complex ADC mechanics, involving using abilities effectively.

League of Legends - Ezreal

Ezreal relies on his Q skill shot to deal most of his damage output, meaning that new players will have to master its use completely, to both deal damage and farm effectively. His W ability is a skill shot as well, one which refunds Ezreal’s mana if he follows it up with a Q, as well as buffing the damage of his next attack, whether it’s his Q or auto-attack.

League of Legends - Pulsfire Ezreal in-game

As far as ADC champions go, Ezreal is the weakest early game champion in the game, and overall one of the most annoying champions, for both enemies and allies alike. Aside from the usage of abilities and skill shots, though, Ezreal also teaches new players the value of staying alive long enough as an ADC to deal consistent damage, and his E ability helps them to do so easily.


The definition of the word marksman is a person skilled in shooting at a mark or target. When we take that in mind, the Arcane star Caitlyn, with her sniper rifle, is the epitome of all ADC champions in League of Legends.

League of Legends - Caitlyn

As a champion herself, Caitlyn has the longest base range in the game, making for an extremely safe and oppressive early game laning phase, while her scaling and carry power is impressive in the late game as well.

League of Legends - Caitlyn in-game

The reason we’ve put Caitlyn at the back of our list lies in the fact that to play this champion well, new players must combine the knowledge of all the previous champions on this list. Ashe’s auto-attack kiting, Sivir’s wave clear, Miss Fortune’s positioning, and Varus and Ezreal’s ability usage. Once you’ve managed to consistently carry games with Caitlyn, you can consider yourself no longer a beginner ADC player.

As we’ve said before, the attack damage carry role is one of the hardest ones to learn and play in League of Legends, and for a different reason than the jungle role. Attack damage carry champions require their entire team to help them do their duty, and actually carry games, due to their squishiness, reliance on power farming in a meta of short games, and being a target of every League of Legends assassin.

Because of that, learning the ADC role is not about learning a single champion, but a process of experiencing quite a few of them. Once you’ve gone down our list though and learned everything these champions can teach you, then you’re more than ready to carry even the worst of teammates.