The 6 Best Support Champions For Miss Fortune in LoL

Champions such as Leona, Thresh or Soraka complement Miss Fortune's abilities and playstyle.

Updated on Sep 04, 2023
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The 6 Best Support Champions For Miss Fortune in LoL

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Starting off strong, Leona is by far the best support for Miss Fortune.

Because of the Q ability of Miss Fortune, she can safely farm in the early game without committing too much, and even so, if she manages to hit the bullet, it will keep enemies at bay.

Leona LoL

As Leona, you don’t really want to be too aggressive in the early game, you just wait, let your Bounty Hunter farm, and if the enemy gets too cocky, then you jump in to defend your Miss Fortune.

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Next we have Thresh, whose synergy with the Bounty Hunter is just perfect.

Against the enemy team in the middle of a team fight, you can engage with Thresh and use his ultimate to slow down as many enemies as possible, so Miss Fortune takes care of the rest.

Thresh LoL

Thresh hook is a good way to ensure a gap for Miss Fortune to hurt badly one of the enemy champions, and to make sure he lands that hook, Miss Fortune can use her E ability.

In the laning phase, with these two you want to play safe, using only your basic attacks on the minions.

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Maokai’s abilities work well with Miss Fortune because of all crowd control he has, almost all of his abilities have a form of it, which enable this duo in the bot lane to set up some amazing combos.

The use of Miss Fortune and Maokai is rather simple because you just have to use your basic attacks to deal damage and your abilities when they are stunned or rooted.


When it comes to a game in League of Legends, this duo of champions has one of the easiest times in the bot lane against enemies. It doesn’t really take a high knowledge of each champion to actually use their abilities optimally.

Miss Fortune and Maokai have proven to be a combination that can take you to the highest rank possible in League of Legends because during a game it’s rather simple to win lane with these two.

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We wouldn't miss Lux, would we? After all, she is easily one of the most popular champions in League of Legends.

She can hit like a truck, grants shields, and has some nice CC that Miss Fortune benefits from when using Bullet Time. During a game in League of Legends, Lux can poke the enemy with her abilities and proc her pbuttive skill to weaken enemies for Miss Fortune to give the final blow.

Ideally, you’d want to play safe in the bot lane against the enemy team. But if you’re feeling confident, you can go for a more aggressive playstyle against your enemies.

Lux LoL

Currently, Lux’s win rate sits at 50.51%, enough to make anyone consider picking her. When it comes to her builds, just go for her regular ones, remember to always equip flash, and beware of your damage so you don’t take Miss Fortune’s kills.

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In the right hands, Soraka isn’t just a champion from League of Legends designed by Riot Games to heal. Apart from her ability to recover her own health or the health of her friends, she can also silence enemies, and luckily stun them.

With a Soraka in the bottom lane as a support, you can stay in the lane farming and poking enemies for a very long time without having to worry about running low on health.

Soraka Lol

During every stage of the game, Soraka can keep her team alive with her healing ability or even her ultimate.

The most optimal scenario to use Soraka’s and Miss Fortune’s abilities is by first using the support’s E, and stun them, for Miss Fortune to follow up with her E ability, and then her ultimate, Bullet Time.

To silence your opponents during a team fight is super useful to take the advantage and let your team deal more damage. The thing about Soraka is that she will always be the main focus of the enemy. Her win rate in League is at 51.81% this season.

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Nami is another great support for Miss Fortune, as her Q ability is excellent to stun opponents and works well when paired with the ADC. Besides, she can land this ability in two opponents at the same time, once they get caught by her bubble it can create a perfect opportunity to do a focus of abilities to the target.

But Nami not only stuns, she can also heal and sustain Miss Fortune, and at the same time, attack the adversaries. Playing her is fun and with friends even better thanks to her wide crowd control.


Nami can create perfect windows for her target or targets to get caught and exposed to multiple attacks thanks to her ultimate.

With this amazing pbuttive you can engage against the opponents which makes them an easy target after using Miss Fortune’s ultimate in fights.

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