Best Services to Outsource Your Gameplay Video Editing

Video game-related videos are a huge and popular business on YouTube and the rest of the internet. Outsourcing the work isn’t too difficult and there’s plenty of reasons why busy Youtubers (or video makers in general) should do it.

The opportunity

Millions of people are watching these videos and let’s play content creators are still collecting thousands of views daily. The Data is Beautiful channel has a video here showing the high numbers achieved by the most popular channels over eight years.

It is obvious that if it is not for views, then you wouldn’t be interested in uploading your gameplay videos in the first place. On the other hand, many people have a short attention span and they are likely not to watch the entire gameplay. They only want to solve a specific problem when they come to a standstill in a given game or when all they are looking for is to be entertained with the most epic moments.

The only way to deliver this and to get your virtual audience to get the best of your gameplay is through editing.

Getting Started

Editing is not always the easiest thing in the world depending on the video, the purpose and the recording(s) you have. Generally, it’s a good idea to record audio and video separately to make editing easier but when a video involves multiple clips and images it can become more tricky.
When you first start making videos, doing the editing yourself is the best option though it will take time to learn how to do this properly. As videos become more complicated and detailed, it makes sense to enlist help. Using a video editing service or paying for the services of a video editor will make things much easier when dealing with more complicated videos or recordings.

[here I will write my list]

What are the benefits to using service to outsource your video editing?

Using one of these makes it easier to deal with lots of videos or when you’re lacking time to consistently edit. When it comes to making videos, the editing and processing take up the most time. Having someone else edit instead makes life much easier. There are other benefits as well of course:

  • Editors charging money are more experienced and know what they’re doing
  • It’s not usually too expensive depending on the service or editor you use
  • You can spend the extra free time recording more videos or networking
  • Provides you with quality videos
  • No stress due to the editing process
  • No time wasted while the video finishes processing

Things you need to ask when working with an editor

When looking to work with an editor or editing service, there’s some information you need to so you can make the best decision possible.

  • How much does it cost to edit a video of X length?
  • Do you charge per hour or by video?
  • How long does it typically take to edit a video of X length?
  • What do you need me to send you? (Ask about file types as well)
  • How much experience do you have editing X type(s) of videos?
  • Can I see some of your past work?
  • What will you receive? (in terms of file types and if the video will be processed)

The biggest challenge when working with a video editor

One of the biggest problems when working with other people is that they don’t always understand your style or goals. So when working with anyone you need to ensure they understand what you want for this video. Your goals and approaches can change according to the video and you need someone flexible enough adapt to whatever you need. So you must make sure they fully understand what you want from the video.

You need to also consider the theme of the video and not just the editing style or the goals for the video. Do you want the video to be serious or funny? Should it be neutral, epic or informative? It’s possible to combine these things of course so you need to think carefully about each video before handing it over to an editor.

What types of gaming videos are there?

There are many types of gaming videos that can reach different audiences and producing a variety of them is a great way to reach as many people as possible. However, specialising into one has been incredibly lucrative for some Editors. Since they all have different styles it’s a good idea to outsource your video editing to a professional who already edited a video like that before.
The shortlist here is just an example of what kind of videos you can make out of your gameplays and what editors will be happy to help you with.

  • Let’s play videos
  • Compilations or Highlight reels
  • Gameplay Clips
  • Cutscenes edited together
  • Guides
  • Walkthroughs

How to find video editors and services

You can use the video editing services list we have above to take a look at some of the available services. Each one will be different so it’s worth reaching out to multiple services to see which one(s) you might want to work with. It’s also a good idea to test several before making a definite choice.
Finding a solo video editor can also be a good idea. They come with potential benefits that might be very appealing. For example, they might be able to connect you with some of their other customers if it seems like you might work well together. Tracking down an individual editor might not seem as easy but they can be found all over the place. Internet forums such as Reddit (for example /r/slavelabour/)and social media websites can be good places to find potential editors.

What do most YouTubers use to edit their videos?

YouTubers all have some kind of video editing knowledge and experience. When they first started, they needed to produce and edit all of their own videos before eventually bringing in external editors to help them. The biggest ones also still do some of their editing. This is why it’s still a good idea to do some of your own editings even if you start using external services.
Having access to a good video editing software is a good idea. There is plenty of free and paid software available to start experimenting more with editing. Here are some software options available for making YouTube videos:

  • Final Cut Pro. This app helps you take your video to the next level. It adds impressive transitions. motion elements and gives you an option of a variety of presets inspired by movies and supports 4K editing.
  • Filmora has a very good format, with basic editing features. It is an inexpensive program for both MAC and windows. It is one of the game editors and offers over 300 effects, voiceovers, subtitles, transitions, color correction, and audio effects. It has split, rotating, trimming, and cropping features. With its user-friendly and modern abilities, you are sure to make good graphics and PIP, and transition options that you can only find in more advanced and expensive video software programs. With special effects for social media, your video format is sure to give you a great audience and views.
  •  Adobe premiere pro is one of the most powerful video editing software with amazing editing tools and features that include motion tracking. Premiere video editor is not open source but has an effective motion tracker for both novice and professional level. This editor has its pros and cons.
  •  Moviemaker Video Editor supports editing, and you cannot beat the cost. Windows movie maker is a free video and offers effective effects that allow you to cut and edit game footage, compress, make thumbnails for both novice and professional editing. Just like other free editors, it has its pros and cons.